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Ch11 Test

  1.  Hand in ch11 notes and review worksheet.
  2. If you have any other assignments since Goal Day to hand in, hand them in asap or they will not get marked in time.  Check the current progress report.
  3. Ch11 Test
  4. Next class:  Crash Course in Organic Chemistry and begin final exam prep

Review of Ch7 and Ch8

  1.  Go over Naming Molecular Compounds worksheet.
  2. Quiz on Writing and Naming both Ionic and Molecular Compounds.  Mark the quiz, do corrections, and hand in.
  3. Do:  Ch7 Review p.230 #1-13, 17, 2.  Check answers here:  Ch7 Review Answers
  4. Do:  Ch8 Review p.264 # 1-5, 8-13  Check answers here:  Ch8 Review Answer Key
  5. Do:  Unit Review p.266 #1-15 (multiple choice questions).  Check answers here:  Unit B Review Answer Key

Test Outline:

Key Topics:  History of the Atom (Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr), Periodic Table and patterns; drawing the Bohr Model (number of protons, neutrons, electrons), writing and naming ionic and covalent compounds

Format:  about 40mc questions;  written section will have drawing Bohr models and writing and naming compounds (similar to your quizzes)

Galvanic Cells – Part 2

  1.  Final Exam Review #2 Topic: “Equilibrium”.  Check the calendar for exam dates.
  2. Go over HW.  See block 6 notes here:  Electrochemical Cells Problems Worksheet Answers and EC5 WS
  3. I will be able to give examples of how to prevent spontaneous reactions from happening (such as corrosion).
  4. Read Unit V sections 11-12
  5. Do:  Worksheet (handwritten) bottom question.  Electrochemical Cells Worksheet and EC #5 Worksheet
  6. Quiz next class on Galvanic Cells, similar to the worksheets we have done in class.

Galvanic Cells

  1.  Final Exam Review #1 – Kinetics – What do you remember?
  2. I will be able to design a galvanic cell and calculate the overall cell potential.
  3. Finish reading Unit V up to section 10 and do the recommended Q’s from last class.
  4. Do:  Worksheet
  5. Quiz on Galvanic Cells next week (Wed/Thurs)

Ch11 Review

  1.  Any Q’s?  Why do people cook with a pressure cooker?
  2. Practice AP Q’s:  from 2014 and 2015 free response section
  3. Finish notes for ch11, sections 1-6 only
  4. Do:  Ch11 Rev WS #38-44,  #48, 51-54, 56, 58-59

Electrochemical Cells and Predicting the Spontaneity of a Redox Reaction

  1.  Warm Up! Electrochemistry WS #4 and Electrochemistry WS #1.
  2. I will be able to predict whether a redox reaction will be spontaneous and the amount of voltage that will be produced.  If the reaction is non-spontaneous, I will be able to predict the amount of voltage needed for the reaction to occur.
  3. Read:  Hebden Unit V sections 3, 8-10 and do questions from those sections. (suggested Q’s #11, 12, 35, 36, 40)
  4. Next class: Quiz on Balancing Redox reactions and identifying what is oxidized, reduced, the oxidizing agent, and reducing agent.
  5. Summary notes we used on Galvanic Cells:  17 Electrochemistry

A good summary video:

Intro to Electrochemistry – more!

  1.  Did you hand in Lab 20G?
  2. I will be able to identify the species that is oxidized, reduced, is the oxidizing agent, is the reducing agent.
  3. I will be able to identify the oxidation number of an element.
  4. I will be able to balance redox reactions using the half cell method and the oxidation number method.
  5. See class notes from Block 5 previously.  The handout is here:  Electrochemistry notes 2016
  6. Unit V Learning Log:  everything you need to know for Unit V!  Unit V Learning Log
  7. Worksheet:  “Electrochemistry is Reducing Me to an Ox!”  Electrochemistry is Reducing Me to an Ox Worksheet