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Immune System Day 3

  1.  Activity:  Infection!  Find out who was the original infected person.
  2. Video:  Part 3 of the Immune System

3.  Last class to work on your body system projects.  Due:  Tuesday

4.  Next class:  we will begin the Science 9 curriculum.  Bring your Sc9 textbooks.

Lewis Dots and VSEPR theory

  1.  Pick up field trip forms if you signed up for the Avogadro and/or CCC/CCO chemistry contest.
  2. Quick review
  3. More Lewis Dots!
  4. I will be able to use VSEPR theory to predict the shapes of molecules.  See block 3 notes here:  Review and VSEPR shapes
  5. Worksheet:  Electron Dot Structures Worksheet.  Draw the Lewis dot structures and identify their shapes (orbital geometry and molecular geometry)
  6. Ch7 and half of Ch8 test on Monday, April 4

Immune System Day 2

  1.  Activity: Infection!  You are given a beaker with fluid in it that represents your body.  You will pour some of your fluid into another person’s beaker and they will transfer some of theirs back to you.  This represents “shaking hands”.  One person in the room is “infected” with a disease.  As you “shake hands” the disease will spread.  At the end of shaking hands with 3 people, you all go to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and get tested.  Based on the people who were infected, you as a class must try to figure out who was the original “infected” person.
  2. Hand in your body systems worksheets.
  3. Work on your group projects.
  4. Video:  Immune System Part 2

other good videos to check out:

Immune System – Day 1

  1.  Hand in the Body Systems worksheets as you complete them.
  2. I will be able to explain how the innate immune system works.

  1. Do:  Workbook section 3.1
  2. Do:  Finish Body systems worksheets by Friday
  3. Work on Body Systems project.  Due: after Spring Break