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Periodic Trends

  1. Electron configuration quiZ #2!
  2. Review:  Attraction and Repulsion and how they determine the periodic trends.

A great book about the elements of the periodic table:,%20Love%20And%20The%20History%20Of%20The%20World.pdf

  1. Read ch7 and identify the trends.  Make cue card notes for this chapter.
  2. The Key to Periodic Trends (and all of chemistry)
  3. Do:  Lab 11A (group lab)
  4. Ch6 Test next class.

Body Systems

  1.  Go over ch1 test, do corrections, and hand back in.
  2. Individually, read through ch2 and ch3 and answer the WB questions.  Fill in the worksheets.
  3. In groups, choose one body system to study and a presentation format.  You will be working on the group project in class next week.

  1.  Quiz – Electron configurations

2.  An interesting video from MIT (be a student for about 1 hr!) tying in electron configurations to periodic trends:

3.  Go over ch6 Review WS and do corrections.  Finish ch6 notes.  Ch6 Review Worksheet Answers

4.  Ch6 Test – Wed. next week

5.  I will be able to use the principles of attraction and repulsion (the key to chemistry!) to explain periodic trends.  For this chapter, I would like you to make cue card notes.

Review of ch6

  1.  Warm Up!

Block 3 – Oops! Error on the Fizz Quiz!  Mn2+ should remove the valence electrons first!!

  1. Video:  Dr. Quantum’s Double Slit Experiment

3.  Finish ch6 Review WS, mark it, and do corrections.  Answers to the Electron Configuration Practice Worksheet, see this website:

4.  Next class:  Quiz on electron configurations

5.  Ch6 Test next week on Wed.


  1.  Go over pH quiz and do corrections
  2. Sample “lab” question.  See class discussion here: Blk 1 Lab 20B Sample question
  3. Prep Lab 20C (Part 1 only)
  4. Study/review!
  5. Wed Feb 24 – last day to hand in assignments for term 2
  6. Thurs. Feb 25 – Mid-Unit Test (sections 1-11)

Outline of test:

Major topics:  properties of acids and bases; Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases; congjugate acid-base pairs; strengths of acids and bases; which side is favored; pH, pOH, Kw, [H3O+], [OH-]

format:  about 40mc questions (bring a pencil and sci calculator!)

written section: a question based on Lab 20B.

Ch1 Review

  1.  Hand in the Onion Cell lab (and any other assignments!)
  2. Go over Cell Analogy WS (the cell is like a city….)
  3. Finish Ch1 workbook questions and go over at the end of class
  4. make a “study sheet” that is 8.5″X5.5″ double sided OR 8.5″X11″single sided that you will be allowed to use for the last 15 minutes of your test.
  5. Ch1 test on Wed.  Term 2 assignments due!

WED morning – 8:30-10am you can come in for tutorial help, finish labs, study, etc….