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Library – Day 2

  1.  Finish your Creature vs Human vision system.  You can hand it in next week or even the week after Sci Fair, if necessary.  Use the criteria on p.235 to guide your final Venn diagram.
  2. Tues Feb 2- Goal Day
  3. Thurs Feb 4- Sci Fair presentations.  Drop off your display boards before Block 5.  Pick up your display boards at the beginning of class.  Set up your display boards at the different stations.  Smile!

Study Period

Gr.10s are on a field trip today, so Gr11s have a study period.

Finish ch5 Review worksheet for next class.

Here is an interesting link with a good summary and practice questions:




Quiz on Wed. next week; also sci fair judging prep


Fri – judging Sc.Fair projects

Cow’s Eyeball Dissection

Great job everyone!  I saw some amazing dissections today.  I hope you enjoyed exploring the outsides and insides of the eyeball.  Finish the questions and diagrams and hand in when done.

Friday – finish library project

Tues – Goal Day

Thurs – Science Fair presentations

Ch5 Review

  1.  Warm Up Question # 72a from textbook (enthalpies of formation)
  2. Finish Lab 17A
  3. Do:  Ch5 Review Worksheet.  See here:  Ch5 Review Worksheet Thermodynamics
  4. Next class:  Gr10s on field trip.  Gr.11s have study period with me.
  5. Monday Feb 1- ch5 WS due
  6. Tues Feb 2 – Goal Day – anything for Term 2 so far is due
  7. Wed Feb 3- Quiz and Sc Fair prep
  8. Fri Feb 5 – judge sci fair projects
  9. Tues. Feb. 9 – Ch5 Test

Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases

  1. I will be able to describe Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases.
  2. I will be able to identify conjugate acid-base pairs and write balanced equations.
  3. Activity:  Am I an acid or a base?
  4. Read Sections IV.2-5 and do the practice questions from each section.  See block class notes here:  Unit IV Study Guide Part 1 Block 1 Day 2 , Unit IV Study Guide Part 1 Block 5 Day 2Unit IV Study Guide Part 1 Block 6 Day 2
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day Feb 2.  If you have anything to complete for Term 2, you have until Feb 2 to complete it.

Mini-Project: Human vs. ??? Vision

  1.  We went to library to gather information about a creature whose vision system  is different from that of humans.  See pg. 235 in your textbook for the details.
  2. Questions to focus on:
    1. How does the vision system meet the animal’s need?  (ie. is it nocturnal?  does it live in the dark? forest? etc….)
    2. What is the structure of their eye and other parts of their vision system?
    3. Take rough notes.  Make note of your bibliographic source.
    4. Make a Venn diagram to outline the similarities and differences of the 2 vision systems.  Include visuals to help support your information.
    5. You will hand in:  Venn diagram; rough notes, Works cited (bibliography)
  3. Wed:  Bring gloves if you have them.  Cow’s Eye Dissection.
  4. Fri:  Finish mini-projects in the library.  Any extra time you have, you can work on your Sci Fair projects.

Intro to Acids and Bases

  1.  I will be able to describe characteristics of acids and bases.
  2. Handouts:  Unit IV Learning Log and Unit IV Study Guide (see blog last week for copies of the documents)
  3. Activity:  Am I an Acid or a Base?
  4. Read Unit IV.1.  Highlight key ideas.  Do:  #1-4
  5. Goal Day – Feb 2 – 1-3pm.  Any assignments, etc.. due so far for Term 2 is due by Goal Day.

Lab 17A – Thermodynamics

  1.  Warm Up Questions #49 from textbook
  2. Lab 17A
    1. NaOH is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air).  Weigh quickly.  Keep the lid ON the container of NaOH
    2. Do:  Questions and Calculations #1-4,  Possible Sources of Error, and Conclusion

Vision Lab

  1.  Go over Workbook 6.1 questions and the Eye Diagram Worksheet
  2. Activity:  Vision Lab.  See copy here:  Vision Lab
  3. Read and highlight the Cow’s Eye Dissection for Wed. Jan 27.  See copy of handout here:  CowEyeDissection
  4. Finish WB 6.2 questions.
  5. Next class:  meet in the library to do a mini project.  If you complete your project early, you can use the library time to work on your science fair projects.
  6. HW:  Science fair – start writing your report