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Electromagnetic Spectrum

  1.  Go over homework questions from last class.
  2. I will be able to explain and give examples of the EM Spectrum.  We watched 2 videos:

Read sections 4.3

3.  Do:  Workbook pages for section 4.1-4.3

4.  I will be able to explain the Ray Model of Light

5.  Read section 5.1

Test – Parts of ch3 and ch4

Today, we wrote a test covering Balancing Equations, Types of Chemical Reactions, and Mole Calculations

Reminder:  you should have handed in any assignments for Term 1 already!  If you are forgetting to complete them/hand them in, what can you do to remind yourself? (ie. use your agenda planner?  take a photo of the whiteboard before you go?  check this website to make sure you completed everything?….what works for you???)

Intro to Optics Unit (ch4-6)

  1.  Hand in ch9 Projects and Self-evaluation
  2. Intro to ch4:  Waves and Light
  3. I will be able to explain the properties of waves
  4. Demo:  Wire Waves
  5. Interesting simulations:
  6. a) b)
  7. Read section 4.1 and do Check Your Understanding p.143 #1,2,4,7-9.  Answer in complete sentences.
  8. Read section 4.2 and do Check Your Understanding p.151 #2-5, 9, 12-13.  Answer in complete sentences.


Lab 4B and 4C – the Beginning….

  1.  Funny Mole Song:

2.  Do Lab 4B and 4C in groups of 4.  One lab group starts on Lab 4B, the other 4C.  When one is finished early, help the other group finish.

3.  Study!  Test next class.  All written (no mc)


From sec.3.1-3.5  Balancing Equations, Types of Reactions, Mole Calculations (right side of the wheel)

From sec.4.1-4.5  Types of Reactions (ie. single and double replacement), Mole Calculations (left side of the wheel dealing with volume, Molarity)

What is NOT on the test:  precipitation reactions and the solubility table


5 balancing equations

3 translating word equations into formulas and balancing

5 predicting reactions

7 mole conversions

2 empirical and molecular formulas

Ch3 and Ch4 Notes are NOT due yet as we have not finished the chapter.  They will be due when we finish ch3 and ch4 (before Christmas).  We will also do the review worksheets for ch3 and ch4 and you will hand ALL of these in before your next test (which will cover the rest of ch3 and ch4).


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

  1.  Mark Ch9 Workbook pages and hand in your workbook.
  2. “Show and Tell” – students who brought samples from home explained how they are examples of hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
  3. Videos:


4.  Finish Ch9 Projects – due next class.

Note: End of Term 1 is Thurs.  If you have any assignments to hand in, they are due!


  1.  Hand in Chemical Reactions in Our Lives Project

  1. Warm Up activity/questions
  2. Prep Lab 4B and 4C
  3. Study – do Q’s from textbook or from the worksheet
  4. Ask Questions!!!!

Thurs. Nov 26 – test on sec 3.1-3.5 and 4.1-4.5


Keq Practice

  1.  Practice!  Practice!  Practice!  Do as many questions from #47-65 in your workbook.  Check your answers at the back of the workbook.
  2. Pick up the extra worksheet.  The answers are:

Equilibrium #5 Worksheet Answers:

  1.  3.0 mol
  2. Keq = 72
  3. Keq = 0.54
  4. [AB] = 0.450M
  5. [C2] = 0.21M

Keq Test next week on Wed/Thurs.  It will be all written (no mc!)

End of Term 1 – Nov 26 – all assignments due then

More Moles!

  1.  Quiz
  2. Review of Moles
  3. I will be able to use the mole wheel to calculate the number of particles, mass, volume, and molarity (sec 4.5).
  4. By the end of this week, you should have read ch3.1-3.5 and 4.1-4.5.
  5. Do:  #4.51, 4.53, 4.55 for practice on Molarity
  6. Extra practice:  Hebden Chemistry 11 Workbook photocopies:  Moles_Hebden Practice Worksheet and answers:  Moles_Hebden Practice Worksheet Answers
  7. Prep Labs 4B and 4C (title, purpose, materials, procedure: make flow chart of procedure and data tables).  These labs will take a few days to finish.  We will start on Friday and finish them as time permits.  See lab info here:  Lab 4B and Lab 4C

Test on 3.1-3.5 and 4.1-4.5 on Thurs.Nov.26.  Major topics:  Balancing equations, Types of Reactions, Mole Calculations

Note:  End of Term is Thurs. Nov.26.  Any assignments you want to count for Term 1 from Goal Day to Nov.26 is due by then.