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  1.  We went over one of the SpongeBob scenarios for practice.  Next class, there will be a quiz/test on the Scientific Method.  You will be given scenarios and asked questions such as:  what is the independent variable?  what is the conclusion?
  2. We watched 2 videos:  one on plasma and the other on the Bose-Einstein condensate:


3. I will be able to calculate the density of a regular and irregular shaped object.  See notes here:  Density

Block 7 started Part 1 of the Density Lab activity.  Block 8 will start the lab next class.

4.  Homework:

Read section 7.2 and continue your column notes.

Do:  Workbook pages 100-103 and 106-109 (sections 7.1 and 7.2)

Journal:  write down the 3-5 possible project ideas

Quiz on the Scientific Method next class

Parts of the Atom

  1.  We watched a video about the history of the atom:

2.  I will be able to use the atomic number and mass number of an isotope to find the number of protons, neutrons,and electrons

We watched a video about the Higgs-Boson:

3.  Read sec.2.4-2.7 and continue your notes.

4.  Do:  Worksheet “Parts of an Atom”.  Here is a copy of the worksheet: Parts of an Atoms Worksheet

5. Do contest: “Element Puns”  Here is a copy:  Element Puns 1 and Element Puns 2

6.  Make/print flash cards for the polyatomic ions to help you memorize them!  Here is a website that has some or you can make your own:



Review for Test

  1.  We watched a video on enzymes (biological catalyst):

2.  We went over the Rates of Reaction Worksheet and did corrections.  See answer key here:  Rates of Reaction Worksheet Key

3.  Quiz on Reaction Mechanisms.  You can pick up your quiz Friday lunch/after school.

4.  Study!  The Practice Kinetics Test is from this website and the answer keys are also posted there:

answer key:

5.  Unit 1 Test Outline:

Major topics:  how to measure rate,  factors that affect reaction rate, collision theory, energy in reactions, reaction mechanisms

Format:  about 30 multiple choice questions (bring a pencil and scientific calculator) and a written section that is similar to your quiz



Kinetic Molecular Theory

  1.  Hand in the library online resources worksheet by Friday.
  2. We went over the SpongeBob worksheet and how it was evaluated.  See me if you still need extra practice.  Quiz on the Scientific Method on Tues. Oct.20
  3. Introduction to Unit 3 (chapters 7-9 on Fluids and Dynamics)
  4. Block 8 class notes here: Chapter 7 – the Kinetic Molecular Theory
  5. We did a demonstration of hot water vapor in an flask with a balloon covering it.  What happens when the vapor cools?
  6. Do:  Read section 7.1 and take Column Notes on key vocabulary terms and key ideas (I will collect the notes at the end of the chapter).
  7. Do:  Check Your Understanding on p.259 #2, 4, 6-10.  Answer in complete sentences.

In Class Assignment

  1. Warm Up Questions from June 99 (#1-6 mc)
  2. In-class assignment on reaction mechanisms.  If you weren’t here, you need to come see me to do the assignment.
  3. Quiz next class on Reaction Mechanisms
  4. Unit 1 Test on Monday, Oct 19

Library (Sci Fair) Day 3

  1.  Today, we learned how to use EasyBib to keep track of the sources of information we consulted.  You can access the website by going to the school library link (on our school website), use the “Blog” tab, use the “Student Resources” tab, and then “Bibliography”.  You will find information on how to make a bibliography and the link to Easybib.

2.  We looked at print resources.  Our school library has a great selection of books to get ideas for your project.  They cannot be taken out yet, but you can use them during lunch and after school in the library.

3.  Finish the online resources booklet from last class and hand in next week.

4.  Use the “science buddies” website and/or “google science fair” website to kickstart some ideas for your project.  Record your ideas in your science fair journal.