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Oops…come check it again!

Oops…my first draft of you marks that are posted has an error.  For your “regular” Chem12 marks, I accidentally added 3% to your total AP mark rather than to your Term 3 mark.

You can come check your marks (for some your mark went up, others down, other stayed the same)  You should be able to calculate an approx. % based on your AP marks for the 3 terms yourselves, so your averages shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

If what was posted didn’t make sense to you….it’s because the Chem12 regular mark posted was wrong!

I can only make changes between 10:30-11am as I am supervising an exam between 8:30-10:30 and then have a meeting from 11:30-3 and will not be available.


Congratulations!  You are officially finished AP Chemistry (once you have handed in your textbooks).  I hope you have enjoyed this year and will be able to apply at least one thing you learned to your life.

1.  Hand in textbooks.  Make sure I check the serial numbers before you leave them on the cart.

2.  Any final presentations we missed last week

3.  Clean Up!

4.  Work habits rubric for Term 3

5. Celebrate!

Last project…

1.  Hand in any assignments for Term 3 by Friday.

2.  Did you hand in a write-up for your molecule?  If not, pls do so.

3.  For project #3, it is helpful to hand in a summary of the learning outcomes of your project.  What would a student learn after watching/reading/listening to your project?

Next class:  Bring snacks to share for our year-end celebration!  We will do a year end clean up and if the tables/desks are washed, we can eat, drink and if not too hot, roast marshmallows. 🙂  Maybe we will have some bubble fun. 🙂

** Return textbook and lab manual (and solutions book if you still have it) to me asap!!

4.  Check final marks for accuracy.


1.  Electrochemical Cells, Electrolytic Cells, and Applications of Electrochemistry Test

2.  Reminder:  All assignments and projects are due by Friday!!

3.  Continue review for Final Exam

Wed – Review for Final Exam

Fri June 12- Final Exam written section

Tues June 16 – Final Exam multiple choice section

Finishing Project #2

1.  Hand in any assignments for Term 3.  Check the posted assignment list to verify everything is correct so far.

2.  Hand in Pop Cell Lab exploration lab (1 per group)

3.  Presentations!

4.  Work on Project #3.

reminder:  all projects and assignments are due by June 12.

Review for Final Exam – Day 1

1.  Hand in any assignments for Term 3.  Last day to hand in assignments and projects is Friday, June 12.

2.  Study/Review for Final Exam.   Topic of the day:  Stoichiometry.  See review worksheet here:  STOICHIOMETRY REVIEW.  See if you agree with the class answers: Stoichiometry Review Worksheet Answers (block 3 corrected the answer to #4 from the answers posted last class)

3.  Hand in test corrections for Unit 8 and 9 if you haven’t already.

Review packages for the Final Exam:

Chem11 final exam lxr mc review 2005 (multiple choice questions)

Practice Worksheets for Final Exam (free response questions)


1.  Video: Crash Course Chemistry #36

2.  Study!  Test next class on Sections 8-end.

Major topics:  Electrochemical Cells, Electrolytic Cells, Applications

Focus your studying on sections 8-10 (Electrochemical Cells) and Section 13 (Electrolytic Cells).  Read Sec.11(Batteries) and Sec.12 (Corrosion)

Format:  about 20 multiple choice questions.  The written section will have at least one question on electrochemical cells and one question on electrolytic cells.  You will be asked to identify the reactions that occur at the anode and cathode and to calculate the amount of voltage produced or needed.  You may also be asked to explain how the voltage changes as you shift the equilibrium of the reaction.

Presentations Cont’d Week 2

1.  Check to see that you have completed all your assignments.  If not, complete them and hand them in asap!

2.  Presentations – Molecules!

3.  Finish and hand in Pop Cell Lab Group Report.  It will be evaluated on the process and thought put behind it.  For example, include your different brainstorm ideas (photos?), results you got, try to explain why you got those results, possible sources of error, what you might do differently, etc….Lab due by end of the week.

4. Continue working on Project #3.  Bring whatever equipment you need to class.