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Galvanic Cells

1.  Any questions from the worksheet “Activity Series”?

2.  I will be able to calculate the cell potential of an electrochemical cell.  I will be able to design an electrochemical cell.  See Blk8’s class scribblings here: Galvanic Cells = a Battery (an Electrochemical Cell)

3.  Demo of an Electrochemical Cell

Good video to watch:

Read and take notes for section 20.3-20.8

Do:  Worksheet (Q1 Zn-Ni cell and Q2;  all of the back side)

Quiz on Balancing Redox Reactions next class


Unit 7 Test

1.  Hand in homework questions you have marked and corrected for Unit 7 (if you haven’t already handed them in to me).

2.  Unit 7 Test

If you want to sign up for the Avogadro Chemistry Contest, register with Ms Ingratta by Thursday and bring $5.


1.  I will be able to predict whether metal oxides and nonmetal oxides form acidic or basic solutions.  See video here:

2.  Do  Questions from the review worksheet or from your workbook.  From the worksheet, I would recommend # 28, 30, 32, 33, 42, 43, 50, 54, 58.  The questions and answer key can be found here:

Next class:  Test on Ka, Kb and Salts (sections 13-15).  It will be all written.  Be prepared to write out lots of RICE tables!!

Unit VII Review

1.  Did you hand in Lab 6B?  If not, hand it in asap!

2.  4 Review Questions.  See the answers here:  Answers to the 4 Stoichiometry Review Questions

3.  Unit 7 Test next class on Stoichiometry.  Test outline:  about 5 written questions dealing with: basic stoichiometry calculations, limiting reactant and reactants in excess, % yield, % purity, and a lab-based question.

If you can answer all 4 review question from today’s class successfully, you will probably do really well on the unit test!


Strengths of Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

1.  Warm Up! Balance Redox Reactions 2 ways.

2.  I will be able to determine which oxidizing (or reducing) agent is stronger.  I will be able to calculate the overall cell potential and predict the spontaneity of a reaction.  See class scribblings here:

Predicting the Spontaneity of a Redox Reaction

3.  Read and take notes for sections 20.3-20.8.  See ch20 “Cookies” here:  Ch20 Cookies

4.  Do:  WS “The Activity Series” 36 The Activity Series-S  and Electrochemistry #4 on the worksheet “Electrochemistry is Reducing me to an Ox”  Electrochem is Reducing Me WORKSHEETS

5.  Ch19 Test next class.  Outline:  15 mc questions;  1 bigger written question that is mathematical; 1 bigger written question that is more theoretical.  Ch19 Notes and Review Worksheet due if you haven’t already handed in yours!

Chemistry Contest Info

If you would like to register for the Chem13 News Contest, bring $5 to me by Thurs. April 2.  Here is some info:

Chem 13 News Contest (UWaterloo)

Thurs. May 14 (Blk 5, maybe Blk6)

AP Macro and Microeconomics

AP Human Geography


Cost: about $5

75 minutes, 40 multiple choice questions

Register with me by Thurs. April 2

Why write it?  Bragging rights; looks good on your resume or post secondary applications if you score well

See website for more info: