Monthly Archives: February 2015

Ka and Kb Calculations

1.  I will be able to calculate using Ka and Kb.  See class notes here: Mole wheel

Read sections 8 and 9 on how Ka and Kb are related to Kw.

Read sections 14 and 15 on how to do Ka and Kb calculations.

2.  Do:  Q # 74, 76, 78 and Q # 84, 86, 88.  Show your RICE tables!

3.  Look at your Term 2 Progress Report and fill out the Work Habits Rubric and set goals for Term 3.

Intro to Thermodynamics

1.  Hand in any assignments for Term 2.

2.  Intro to Ch19:  Thermodynamics  ch19 Chemical Thermodynamics Learning Outcomes

Class scribblings from block 7 and 8:

Blk 7 scribblings on thermodynamics

Blk 8 scribblings on thermodynamics

Note:  the learning outcomes sheet needs to be updated!  I will make changes and give you a new one next week.

I will be able to explain how the relationship between H and S can be used to predict the spontaneity of a reaction.

Ksp Test

1.  Hand in Chapter 17 Notes, Review Worksheet part 2, and any other assignments for Term 2 (ie. test corrections, etc…)

2.  Ksp Test

End of Term 2 – Thurs. Feb. 19.  Any assignments