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Titrations and Buffers Test

1.  Hand in the ch17 WS questions, corrections/reflection for sections 1-3.

2.  Test

3.  Science Fair “bootcamp” – What is an independent variable? dependent variable?  What is the marking criteria?  What should I look for in a good project?  We will be helping to judge/give feedback to the Science 8/8H and 9/10H classes next week.


Balancing Word Equations

1.  I will be able to apply the Law of Conservation to balance chemical reactions written as word equations.  See class notes: Law of Conservation2

2.  Finish questions from Section 1-3 (see previous blog)

3.  Read section VI.4 and do Q # 57-64 (all)

4.  Check current marks.  If you have missing assignments, you have until Goal Day to hand them in, otherwise, zero!  If you want to write a retest that day, see me asap as I am running out of space!

Intro to Ksp

1. Hand in Lab 20G.

2.  2012 Chem12AP Free Response Question #1 – Challenge.  How many can you answer correctly in 15 minutes?

3.  Intro to Ksp – Fill in the study guide.  Read and take notes from sections 17.4-end.

Law of Conservation

1.  Any Q’s?

2.  Activity:  proving the Law of Conservation – true or not?

Activity – prove the Law of Conservation

3.  I will be able to balance chemical reactions.  See class notes here:

Law of Conservation

4. Read sec. VI.1- VI.3 and do Q # 1, 4, and 7-51 (odd numbers)

5.  Study!!!

Moles Test #2 next class on section V.4-V.6.  Bring a scientific calculator.

Test outline:  Percent composition and Empirical and Molecular Formulas will comprise 50% of the test score.  Molarity and dilutions will comprise the other 50% of the test score.  The test will be all written.  Show your work!  Draw mole wheels!

Molarity and Dilutions Day 2

1.  I will be able to calculate the new molarity when a solution is diluted.

2.  Finish reading section V.6

3.  Do:  Review Questions #95-102 (odd #s)

Moles Test #2 on sections V.4-V.6 on Friday Jan 23 and Mon Jan 26.

Just for fun video about the 5 Most Dangerous Chemicals in the World: