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Ch16 Test

1.  Hand in ch 16 notes, ch16 review worksheet, and Acid #1 and #2 Worksheets.

2.  Ch 16 Test

3.  Holiday “homework”:  Look at AP resources and see if there are any useful to you.  Recommended places to start:

1.  public library for AP Study guides.  Barron’s and Princeton Review, and 5 steps to a 5, are the most popular study guides.  They all have their pros and cons.  You do NOT have to have a study guide.  They are there if you think they are helpful.

2.  college board website:  what is the format of the exam?  major topics covered?  calculator policy?  am I allowed a calculator on the mc section?  what kinds of questions are on the free response section?  You can download some practice exams now so it saves you time later.

3.   has some good resources

4.  some teachers have good review materials.  do a google search.

5.  The last 3 chapters we will cover are ch17, 19, and 20 for you keeners who want to read ahead and start taking notes.

Otherwise, have a wonderful Christmas holiday! 🙂

Moles test corrections

1.  Go over the moles test and do corrections by:

a. identify the error

b. correct the error

c. do practice questions from your workbook on that topic

If you would like to do a retest, you need to do your test corrections, do practice problems, and then talk to me!  The retest will be on Goal Day, Jan 29.

2.  Chemistry Christmas Story (for bonus marks!)


1.  Hand in Lab 16D

2.  Fizz quiz

3.  Study! Test outline:  Unit III.1 – III.5.  Major topics:  vocabulary, molarity calculations, dilution calculations, concentration of ions, strong/weak/non electrolytes, soluble vs. insoluble (low solubility), using the solubility table, writing the 3 reactions (formula, complete ionic, net ionic equations)

Format:  20-30 mc questions,  about 3-4 written questions (some calculations, some writing equations)

ch16 Review

1.  Mark Ch16 Review worksheet (see answers here: ch 16 Review Worksheet Answers – Acid-Base Equilibria) and do corrections/reflection.  What are you having troubles with?  What do you need more practice with?  Block 2 – Note Q 49 the answer should be D, not E!!  (oops for that typo!)

2.  Study!  Ch16 test outline:  20 multiple choice questions, about 4 written questions.  You will be given a Ka table for the test.  You will need a pencil and scientific calculator.


Moles Review

1.  Moles Quiz #2

2.  Hand in Lab 4B

3.  Moles Test Outline:  Covers section V1-V3.  It will be all written.  Show your work using dimensional analysis (cancel out units).  Show the mole wheel.  The last question will be based on your lab where you will need to analyze lab data.

4.  Keep practising mole calculations (ie. Q 42, 43)!!  Go to SUCCESS after school if you need help because I have a lot of meetings after school next week.

Lab 16D

1.  Lab 16D.  Test to see if your predictions are correct.  For each DIFFERENT precipitate found, write the formula, complete ionic, and net ionic equation.

2.  Remember to finish reading and doing questions for Unit III.1 – III.5

Mon:  Review; hand in lab 16D

Test on Sections 1-5 on Wednesday!

Friday:  Lab 16E for possible bonus marks if you can identify the identify the ion in solution correctly!

Lab 4B Day 2

1.  Moles Quiz #1

2.  Finish Lab 4B.  Here is a copy of the lab: Lab 4B modifications and Day 2 instructions and Lab 4B


Questions and Calculations (p.57 in Lab Manual) #1-5.  Remember to write sentences!  Example:

1.a) The mass of iron used in the reaction is:

List Possible Sources of Error


Hand in your lab!

3.  Moles Quiz #2 next class.  Moles Test the  class after.  See the calendar for the dates.