Monthly Archives: May 2014

Intro to Organic Chemisty

1. I will be able to name and write formulas for alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes and their isomers.
2. Read section 8.1
3. Do: Sec 8.1 Review Questions – all
4. If there is no class next day, read through sec. 8.2 and fill in the chart on Functional Groups and do the review questions for sec. 8.2
5. Ch8.1-8.2 Test on Mon. June 9

Intro to Organic Chem

1. Handed out the elarning outcomes. It matches ch25 in the blue textbook. ch26 Organic Chemistry Learning Outcomes
2. I will be able to write and name alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and their isomers.
3. Read sections 1-4 and do Q#13, 17-20, 23-24
4. If we don’t have class next day, read to section 7 and do some practice questions from the end of the chapter. Bring questions to ask for the class after.
5. Organic “Qu-est” on Mon. June 9

EC and EL Cells

1. Review of Electrochemical Cells
2. In class worksheet on electrochemical cells
3. Finish the other questions on the worksheet for next class.
4. Read sections 9-end. Electrolytic Cells Notes
5. Final Electrochemistry Test – Wed. Jan 4
Final exam Tues June 10 (written section) and Thurs June 12 (mc section)

Ch7 Review

1. Hand in notes and questions for section 7.3 and 7.4
2. Hand in Lab 20C
3. Group quiz on sec.7.3 and 7.4
4. Ch7 Test next class!
5. I gave an outline for the final exam and a practice test. The answers will be available next week.

Ch10 Review

1. Hand in Lab 7C
2. We went over the answers to the Ch10 Review worksheet. Show your corrections and what you learned! ch10 Gases Review Worksheet Answers
3. Ch10 Review WS and Notes due next class
4. Ch10 Test next class
5. Challenge Question: AP 2012 exam #2 in free response section. You can check your answers online by downloading the “scoring guidelines” for the exam.

Immune System – Day 2

1. We went over ch2 tests.
2. We watched the Magic School Bus episode “Inside Ralphie” about the immune system.
3. I will be able to explain how vaccines work. I will be able to explain problems with the immune system and how our body reacts to them.
4. Read sec. 3.2
5. Finish the Immune System Worksheet
6. Finish the workbook pages for section 3.1 and 3.2
7. Begin thinking of what format you want to use for the immune system project (see p.107 in textbook for ideas)

Lab 20C

1. We reviewed how to do a titration and how to do the calculations.
2. Lab 20C – Find the molarity of your HCl solution. Show the balanced equation and your calculations clearly.
3. Notes and questions for sec.4.3 and 4.4 due next week.
4. Ch7 Test on Wed. May 28

Lab 7C

1. We had a fizzing quiz on Molar Volume and Graham’s Law.
2. Lab 7C: Do Calculations #1-5, Discussion, Possible Sources of Error, and Conclusion
3. Next class: ch10 review worksheet due; possible Pop Quiz!
4. ch10 Test on Wed May 28

Lab 21B Day 2

1. I will be able to find the molarity of CuSO4 by doing a redox titration.
2. Do: Part 3 of Lab 21B. Find the molarity of your unknown CuSO4 solution and hand in your calculations.
3. Next class: We will be learning about electrochemical cells (Section 8-11). Read the sections and do the even numbered questions for those sections for practice. Check the calendar for upcoming tests.
4. Do: Corrections for the written section of the Redox Test. If you scored below 50%, you can see me to do a retest.