Monthly Archives: April 2014

Precipitation Reactions

1. Fizz Quiz 7.1. Next class will be a “real” quiz on 7.1.
2. Prelab 16D – Predicting Precipitation Reactions. Fill in the table to predict whether a ppt forms or not.
3. Next class: Quiz on Sec. 7.l. Notes for Sec.7.1 and Section 7.1 Review Questions also due.

Phase Diagrams

1. We tried the 2010 AP Chem exam Q#5.
2. I will be able to interpret phase diagrams. What is the difference between the CO2 and H2O phase diagram?
3. Finish notes for Ch 11.1-11.6
4. Finish ch11 Review worksheet for Friday.
5. Ch11 Test – Thursday, May 8

Intro to Body Systems

1. Go over Ch1 test
2. I will be able to identify the 11 different body systems and explain how the body is organized from cells to body.
We used the follow-along notes and filled in information. body systems notes (sec2[1].1)
3. Read Sec. 2.1
4. Do: Workbook pages for sec. 2.1
5. We started looking at the different food groups and how carbohydrates are used as a form of energy for our body.

Solubility of Solutions

1. Penny drop challenge! How many drops of water can you put onto a penny before it spills over?

2. Read and highlight the key points in sec.7.1.
3. Take what you highlighted and organize them into Column Notes (or another organized method):
Key Idea Description Diagram or Example

On a SEPARATE sheet of paper,
4. Do: 2 of the Practice problems on p.366
5. Do: all the Practice problems on p.368
6. Do: Activity 7.1 Questions
7. Do: Section 7.1 Review Questions #2-5, 7-14
8. Quiz next week

Why are Intermolecular Forces Important?

1. The penny drop challenge! How many drops of water can you put on the face of a penny before it overflows?
2. I will be able to give examples of how intermolecular forces are important.
3. Finish notes for ch11 section 1-6 only.
4. Begin ch11 Review Worksheet Q #38-45, 48, 51, 52, 54, 56-58

Intro to Solutions

  1. Read and highlight section 7.1 and make organized notes such as Column Notes, cue cards, mind maps, sticky notes, etc….You will be handing these in.
  2. Do:  Practice problems in the section
  3. Do:  Sec.7.1 Review questions
  4. Quiz on sec.7.1 coming up next week

Oxidation Numbers

  1. Fizz Quiz – 2010 Provincial Exam question about balancing redox reactions.
  2. I will be able to assign oxidation numbers and balance redox reactions using oxidation numbers.
  3. Read sec. V.2 and do Q #3-6
  4. Read sec. V.6 and do Q #25