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pH and pOH

  1.  Go over/discuss Lab 20B rankings –any Q’s?
  2. Lab 20B Quiz next class (Wed)
  3. I will be able to calculate the pH, pOH, and pKw of a substance.  See block 5 notes here:  pH and pOH and the Auto-ionization of WaterpH ScalePractice Questions
  4. Demo:  Rank the substances from most to least acidic:  apple, tomato, orange juice, coffee, tea, vinegar, milk
  5. Read sections 16.3-16.5
  6. Do:  textbook questions #27, 29, 39, 43, 46
  7. Mid-Chapter test next week (Tues) on sections 1-5

Lab 20B

  1.  Do:  Lab 20B – Comparing the Strengths of Acids.  Based on the colours you see, compare the strengths of acids.  Make a list of the acids from strongest to weakest.
  2. Next class:  discuss lab; look at pH calculations
  3. Wed next week:  Lab 20B Quiz
  4. Tuesday Dec. 19 – Ch16 mid-unit test
  5. Watch videos:


Strengths of Acids and Bases

1.  Warm Up!  See worksheet:  #2-4  See copy here: Chemistry 12 Self Test #1 worksheet and Self-Test 1 answer key

2.  I will be able to compare the strengths of acids and bases.

Do:  #9 and 10.  Complete the reaction, identify the stronger acid in the overall reaction and predict which side is favored.

3.  Do:  Prelab 20B – make a large data table that will fit your observations and your analysis.  See copy of lab here:  Lab 20B

Intro to Acids and Bases

  1.  Fill in Term 1 Reflection and set goals for Term 2.
  2. Activity:  Acids and Bases
  3. Go over worksheet from last class, looking at Arrhenius  and Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases
  4. Do:  Read sections 16.1 and 16.2 (take notes!) and do #15-25 (odd numbers) for practice

Review of Ch15

  1.  Go over ch15 review worksheet.  See answers here:  ch15 review worksheet answer key
  2. Go over Le Chatelier’s Principle Test and do corrections.
  3. Test Outline:  about 6 questions, all written.  Remember to write out the Keq expressions (Kc or Kp) and fill in RICE tables (where necessary)
  4. Extra practice:  2008 AP Exam Question #1 .  See answers here:

Keq Review

  1.  Warm Up!  We did #1,4,5 from Equilibrium #5 worksheet on the whiteboards.  Answers to #2 = 72 and #3 = 0.54   See copy here:  Equilibrium 5 Worksheet
  2. Do:  Chapter 15 Review Worksheet (recommend you do this on a separate sheet of paper so you have more room!) #10-30  See copy here:  ch15 worksheet
  3. Wed:  We will go over the ch15 review worksheet
  4. Mon. Nov. 27 – Keq Test;  Ch15 and review worksheet due
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day tomorrow!
  6. Reminder:  If you have any assignments you want to count towards Term 1, they need to be submitted this week.


  1.  I will be able to write the equilibrium constant expression.  We went through sample examples on p.643 #15, 16, and 17.
  2. I will be able to use Keq to calculate the concentration of species in the equilibrium.  I can organize what is happening during the process using “RICE” tables.  See the handout here with the examples: Equilibrium Calculations sample exercises  and the class notes where we worked out the answers here:  Equilibrium Calculations class notes