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Intro to Ksp

  1.  Hand in Lab 20G.
  2. Intro to Solubility – Review Solutions, Solubility, Precipitations and the Solubility Table
  3. Fill in the Study Guide.  See copy of study guide here:  Solubility Study Guide
  4. Do:  Worksheet on Solutions – you should be able to answer #1-24.  See copy of worksheet here:  Ch12Unit3Review-1 and answer key:  Ch12Unit3ReviewKEY (1)
  5. Other handouts:  Ch12Unit3Review (1) ch17 Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria Learning Outcomes

Lab 20G continued

  1.  Do: Lab 20G Parts 3 and 4.  If you didn’t finish all of the titrations, you will be given some time next class to finish them.  Do the calculations for the parts you have completed:

Part 1 – Calculate the molarity of the oxalic acid dihyrate you made (this is your primary standard).

Part 2 – Calculate the molarity of the NaOH solution (you are standardizing it)

Part 3 – Find the molar mass of the unknown monoprotic acid.  Make sure to include which LETTER unknown you used.

Part 4 – Find the Ka of the unknonw monoprotic acid.  Make sure to include which LETTER unknown you used.  Show your work using a RICE table!

  1. In the meantime, make sure you have read the first half of ch17 and have taken notes.


  1.  Go over science experiment scenarios in preparation of judging science fair projects.
  2. Demo: how to do a titration
  3. Block 8 – Lab 20G Part 1
  4. Block 7 – will do Lab 20G Parts 1 and 2 on Friday.  Be efficient!


  1.  Demo:  Buffers – how they prevent drastic changes in pH.
  2. Do:  Prelab for Lab 20G.
  3. Reminder:  Goal Day on Wed.  12:30pm is the start of retest (written section) for the acids and bases test.
  4. Reminder:  Ch16 Ka,Kb,and Salts test on Friday.