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Year End Wrap Up!

  1.  Return your textbooks!
  2. More Project #3 presentations. ūüôā
  3. Go over term 3 progress reports/final reports.  Check to make sure everything is correct.
  4. Awards- in class, Chem13 News contest results, science fair medals!  Congratulations on a great year everyone!
  5. ¬†A sweet treat. Yum…..

Project #3 Presentations

  1.  Today, students shared Project #3 with the class.
  2. Reminder:  Hand in textbooks and solutions books.
  3. Next class:¬† Term 3 progress reports and check to make sure everything is correct,¬† Organic Chemistry cont’d – E1 and E2 reactions,¬† Term 3 personal reflections,¬† Awards, etc….

E1 and E2 Reactions

  1. Return textbooks and solutions books once you don’t need them anymore (bring them in on Friday)
  2. Organic Chem Mini-Lesson:  E1 and E1 reactions.  How are they different than SN1 and SN2 reactions?
  3. Any project #3 presentations today?
  4. Finish off your projects.  All other presentations on Friday!

Work on Project #3

  1. ¬†Reminders:¬† Return textbooks and solutions book if you don’t need them anymore!
  2. Work on Project #3.¬† They are due by Friday.¬† If your group is ready on Wed., you can present it then!¬† Any Q’s….talk to me!

Organic Chemistry Reactions – SN1 and SN2 reactions

  1.  Hand in any assignments for Term 3, esp. Project #1 and Project #2 write ups!
  2. Mini-lesson #2:  SN1 and SN2 reactions.  See handout here:  SN1 and SN2 reactions summary sheet
  3. Work on Project #3.  This project will be evaluated based on how useful it would be as a teaching tool.  Will students learn a lot from it?  Would it make them more confused?  Is the information accurate?  Would a teacher choose to use it in their class?.

Work on Projects Day

  1. ¬†Finish up any “Breaking News” presentations.¬† Make sure you have handed in your news article and summary.
  2. Work on your molecule and write up.  Due Friday.  Be prepared to share interesting facts about your molecule!
  3. Talk to me about your ideas for Project #3.  You can see samples of previous projects.

Breaking News Presentations

  1. ¬†Today, students presented their articles for Project #1 – “Breaking News!”
  2.  Reminder:  project #2 due Friday.  Be prepared to give a short description of your molecule and what it is used for.
  3. If you have ideas for Project #3, come talk to me about it!  Who is in your group, what topic have you chose, and what format will you present your info?

Pop Cell Challenge

  1. ¬†Pop Cell Challenge:¬† Using the pop can as part of your battery, construct the “best” battery using the materials you have been provided.¬† Document what you did.¬† Reflect on your results.
  2. Reminder:  next class project #1 due, Mon. May 27
  3. Reminder:  project #2 due Fri. May 31

Pop Cell Challenge – Day 1 (Planning)

  1. ¬†Reminder of the 3 projects you will work on:¬† #1.¬† Breaking News (due Mon. May 27),¬† #2. Molecular Marvels (due Fri. May 31) and #3 What I Learned… (due week of June 10)
  2. In the meantime, we will be doing some short lessons on Organic Chemistry reactions and some labs.
  3. Pop Cell Lab Day 1 – Planning – In your groups, plan how you will design a battery that uses the pop can as one of your electrodes.¬† Your goal is the make the “best” battery.¬† We will test the batteries on Thursday and finish the mission files (write up).
  4. Heads up!  You can start returning your textbook and solutions manual if you feel you do not need to use them anymore.  Please return them both at the SAME time.