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Chemical Equilibrium

  1.  Some Videos to help you understand Equilibrium:

2.  Any Q’s about ch14?  The ch14 test will be next class (Tuesday).  There will be about 25 mc questions and the free response will include a question on rate law, reaction mechanisms, and maybe something else.  Be prepared to hand in your notes and review worksheet (marked and corrected)

3.  I will be able to predict whether a reaction will be spontaneous, non spontaneous, or reach equilibrium by comparing the enthalpy and entropy of the reaction.  See class notes here:  Predicting the Type of Reaction   Do:  Equilibrium #1 WS

4.  I will be able to apply Le Chatelier’s Principle.

5.  Do:  Equilibrium #3 WS questions #1 and #4.  For each question, use collision to describe what happens the rate of the forward and/or reverse reaction and draw a concentration vs. time graph that represents the changes.  How does it affect the concentration of the highlighted species?   – due Thurs. next week.

Review of ch14 and Intro to ch15

  1.  Fizz Quiz – reaction mechanisms
  2. Intro to ch15 – I will be able to describe a system at equilibrium and explain what happens when the system is NOT at equilibrium.  I am covering the end sections of ch15 first and then going back to cover the mathematical relationships of equilibrium later.
  3. Demo:  NO2 tubes in hot and cold water.  How does the color change?  Is the reaction exo or endothermic?
  4. Demo:  big and small spoons scooping water – when is equilibrium reached?
  5. Ch14 – finish notes and review WS.  Check your answers here:  Ch14 Review Worksheet Answer Key

Reaction Mechanisms

  1.  Hand in projects.
  2. Go over Rate Law Quiz and do corrections.
  3. I will be able to explain how reaction mechanisms affect the rate of reactions.  See copy of class notes here:  Reaction Mechanisms
  4. Reminder:  retests for ch13 or organic chemistry can be written Thurs or Monday after school.  You can also write it during your free block between Thurs to Monday.
  5. Finish reading ch14 and do some practice questions from the end of the chapter.
  6. Do:  Worksheet.  See copy here:  Reaction Mechanisms Worksheet

Iodine Clock Challenge

  1.  Project – any Q’s?  Did you watch the video that was posted last class? – due next week
  2. What are the 5 factors that affect reaction rate?
  3. Iodine Clock Challenge – can you get the reaction to turn color after exactly 30s?   What factor are you changing?  Why?  Document your group process.
  4. Friday – quiz on rate law.

Factors that Affect the Reaction Rate

  1.  Go over any questions from the Rate Law WS.
  2. Activity:  Mg in HCl – Your group will plan on what factor you will change and how you will measure the change then you will do it!  Share with the class what your group learned.
  3. I will be able to use collision theory to explain how the changes made affect the reaction rate.  Read section 14.1.
  4. Do:  Project – due Wed. Oct 10.  Watch this video at home to help give you an example of how to use analogies to explain how to speed up reactions:

  1. Quiz on Friday, Oct 5 on Rate Law.


Rate Law

  1.  Go over WS “Rate of Reactions”  POGIL Rate of Reaction
  2.  I will be able to apply the rate law.  See class notes here: The Rate Law
  3. I will be able to manipulate the rate of reaction.

What do you observe?  What could you measure?  What could you change?  In groups of 3-4,  choose one factor you would change and decide how you would measure the effect of the change.  Be prepared to carry out your experiment next class.

4. Do:  WS #5,7,9  See copy here:  Rate Law WS and Answers

Ch13 Test

  1.  Hand in ch13 notes and practice (i.e. review WS that is marked and corrected; PES practice)
  2. Today, students wrote the Ch13 Test
  3. Next week, we will start chapter 14 on Reaction Kinetics (speed of reactions).  Make sure you have completed your Safety WS (and hand it in!) so you can participate in the lab activities.