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Ch20 Review

  1.  Quiz on Balancing Redox Reactions
  2. Block 7: Redox Reactions Gone Bad! and how to prevent/reduce it from happening…
  3. Block 8:  Redox Titrations

4.  Finish your ch20 notes and Ch20 Review worksheet.  Mark your answers (already posted on previous blog)

5.  Ch20 test next class (Wed) will cover everything except balancing equations.

Ch20 Review

  1.  Go over ch20 Review Worksheet – Any Q’s?
  2. AP Review Q’s – can you answer them?
  3. Redox Reactions gone Bad!  and how to prevent them (see notes from block 8)
  4. Quiz next class on Balancing Redox Reactions.  Here are the answers to Electrochemistry #1-5 worksheets:  Electrochemistry 1-4 Worksheet and Answers and EC5 Worksheet Answers
  5. Finish ch20 review worksheet and ask questions!
  6. Reminder:  Ch20 test on Wed. April 24.  Come in this week if you have questions!

Predicting the Spontaneity of a Redox Reaction

  1.  Warm Up – balancing redox reactions.
  2. Go over Lab 21A – rank the oxidizing agents from strongest to weakest.
  3. I will be able to predict the spontaneity of a redox reaction and determine the cell voltage of a reaction.
  4. Do:  Electrochemistry #5 Worksheet.  You can use the standard reduction table to get data about the half reactions.
  5. Do:  look at the beginning pages in the NMSI booklet on Galvanic Cells.  You can do Example #1.
  6. Reminders:   CCC/CCO F/T forms are due asap (by Thurs).  Contest is on Monday, April 15!
  7. Reminders:  Chem13 News contest registration due by Friday.  Bring $3.50 and pick up a F/T form from me.  It will be written during Block 8 on Thurs. May 9.

Ch19 Test

  1.  Hand in your ch19 Notes and Review Worksheet.
  2. Today, students wrote the ch19 test.
  3. Over Spring Break, you should start your review for the AP exam (at least organize your information/notes, study resources, etc…Make a plan of how you will prepare yourself for the exam.  If you have a study guide, you can start with the diagnostic exam to give you an idea of areas that need more review.  If you don’t have a diagnostic exam, you can try to do an old AP exam and see which questions you can answer and which you cannot/don’t remember.

Thermodynamics Review

  1.  Thermodynamics Quiz #3.  How did you do?  What do you need to review?
  2. Next class:  Quiz #4.
  3. For extra review:  AP Question from 2000 Free Response #6.  I like how it includes different topics we have covered this year into one question.
  4. Finish ch19 Review WS, mark it, and show your corrections.
  5. Friday:  Ch19 Test