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Lab 20B Strengths of Acids and Bases

  1.  Go over #5-10 on the worksheet.
  2. Do: Lab 20B  a) identify the color of the acid form of the indicator and the base form of the indicator,  b) make observations of the reactions between the HAs and the HIns, c) analysis – which acid is stronger – the HA or HIn?  Be able to explain why. d) Rank the acids from the strongest to the weakest acid
  3. Next class:  Be prepared to discuss your results and to JUSTIFY why/how you ranked your acids.

Strengths of Acids and Bases

  1. Review:  Arrhenius and Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases.  Go over Self-Test Worksheet #1-4.  See block 7 answers here:  Self Test Worksheet Day 1
  2. I will be able to compare the strengths of acids and bases and determine whether reactants or products are favored.
  3. Do:  Self-Test # 5-10
  4. Do:  Prelab for Lab 20B –make a larger data table for next class.  See sample table here (but make it much bigger!)  Lab 20B Ranking the Strengths of Acids

copy of the Chemistry 12 Data Booklet here:

copy of the AP Chemistry Periodic Table and Equation Sheets here:

Presentation by Dr. Mark MacLachlan

Today, students from block 7 (and some from block 8) enjoyed a presentation by UBC Chemistry professor Dr. Mark MacLachlan.  Here is an interview he made with Global News about other research he is involved with:

For those of you who like to learn by osmosis, here is one of my favorite children’s books that deals with a similar topic:

And this is another good book he wrote–quite funny!

Go over Keq Test and Intro to Ch16

  1.  Fill in the Work Habits Self-Reflection and Goal Setting for Term 2.
  2. Go over the Keq test and do test corrections.
  3. Intro to ch16 .  See ch16 Learning Log (ch16 Acid-Base Equilibria Learning Outcomes )  and as you are reading and taking notes, be able to answer these questions:  Intro to Acids and Bases

Reminder: Wed. Nov 28 – we will be attending a presentation/workshop with Dr. Mark MacLachlan, UBC Chemistry during Block 7.  Block 8 students who have returned their field trip forms should also attend.

As a bonus, this counts as one of the presentations you can attend for your CLC!!  Pick up a form from me at the end of the presentation and fill out the reflection questions.


Ch15 Review Day 2

  1.  Fizz Quiz – 2008 AP Chem exam Form B Question #1.  (Q2 is good practice if you are doing the retest for ch14 tomorrow)
  2. Finish ch15 Notes and WS.  Mark the WS (answer key is posted on last day’s blog) and do your corrections.  Hand in both next class.
  3. Keq Test on Wednesday – about 6 Questions, all calculations.  Show your work!
  4. Goal Day tomorrow – deadline for assessments for Term 1.