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Ch14 Test

  1.  Hand in ch14 Notes and ch14 Review Worksheet (marked and corrections done! Show what you have learned!)
  2. Ch14 Test
  3. What??? No homework this weekend?  Enjoy Mole Day on October 23 from 6:02am to 6:02pm.

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Review of Ch14

  1.  Quiz on Reaction Mechanisms.  To see answers to the other questions go here:
  2. Go over ch14 review worksheet.  See copy of answers here:  Ch14 Review WS
  3. ch14 test next class.  Major topics include:  Calculating rate, rate law (and half life calc), Factors that Affect Rate and Collision Theory, Energy in Reactions, Reaction Mechanisms.  The format will probably be:  about 20 mc questions, free response section will have one rate law question, one energy in reactions question, and one reaction mechanism question.

Reaction Mechanisms

  1.  Hand in Mini Projects today or next class.
  2. Fizz Quiz on Energy in Reactions.  See copy here:  Fizz Quiz Energy in Reactions
  3. Finish group lab report/journal of the Iodine Clock Reaction Challenge.
  4. Video:

4.  I will be able to explain how a reaction mechanism works.  Finish reading chapter 14 and taking notes.  See class notes here:  Reaction Mechanisms

5.  Do:  Worksheet

6.  Quiz next class on Energy in Reactions.  Quiz Tuesday on Reaction Mechanisms.  Chapter 14 Test on Thurs. Oct 19

Iodine Clock Challenge

  1.  Go over Rate Law Quizzes.  Do your corrections.  Bring a folder/duotang to hold your assessments (which will be kept in class).  Put your quiz into the folder and put into the filing cabinet.
  2. Iodine Clock Challenge!  Can your group make the reaction turn color in exactly 25 seconds?  Document your group ideas/progress and your results.
  3. Projects due next week!

How Energy Affects the Rate of Reactions

  1.  Go over results from Mg and HCl activity.  Were your results what you expected?  Why?  If they weren’t what you expected, what do you think happened?
  2. Video:

3.  Any Q’s about the Mini project?  Due next week.  You can work individually or in pairs.  Perhaps choose 2 themes:  one that shows increases in rate and one that shows decreases in rate.  Be creative!

4.  Demo:  Iodine Clock Reaction –  we will do the challenge next class!

5.  I will be able to explain energy changes in reactions and how they affect the rate of reaction.  See block 6 notes here:  How the Energy of the Reaction Affects the Reaction Rate block 6

6.  Finish the 4 mc questions on your sheet.  Read sec. 14.5 and 14.6. (AP Chem)  Read section 1.5-1.8 for Chem12

Collision Theory

  1.  Fizz Quiz on Rate of Reaction.
  2. Activity:  Mg in HCl.  Complete the statement:  When the ____ is _____, then the _____ is ____.  We think this happens because……
  3. Class discussion of results.
  4. I will be able to use collision theory to explain the factors that affect reaction rate.  See notes here:  Collision Theory
  5. Begin Mini Project on finding analogies of the factors that affect reaction rate.  You can work individually or in groups.  Choose a “theme” for your analogies.  See copy of project here:  Reaction Rates Mini Project

Quiz and Intro to Factors that Affect Reaction Rate

  1.  Quiz on Rate Law
  2. I will be able to use the principles of collision theory to change the rate of reactions.
  3. Video:

4.  Students brainstormed what they could measure and what they could change in the reaction of Mg with HCl.  In groups of 2-3, choose ONE thing you could change and ONE method of measuring the effects of the change.  Plan out your activity (which we will do next class).

If the ____________ is ______________, then the __________ will _________.  We think this is because _____________.

Plan out what equipment you will need, how you will do the activity (procedure), what you will need to control (keep the same in each experiment), etc…

(example:  If the amount of water added to plants is increased, then the height of the plant will be taller.  We think this is because plants need water to survive.  We will add 10mL, 20mL, 30mL and 40mL of water to plants over 2 months.  We will measure their height each week with a ruler.  We will use the same type of plant, soil, container, location, and temperature.)

Rate Law and Integrated Rate Law

  1.  Go over the worksheet on Rate Laws.
  2. For practice:  2010 Free Response Q#3.  See answers here:
  3. For practice:  2008 Form B Free Response Q#2.  See answers here:
  4. Next class:  Quiz on Rate Laws.  It will be similar to the practice questions in that you will analyze data, determine reaction orders, the rate law, the value of k, and the units of k.
  5. I will be able to use the integrated rate law to determine whether a reaction is first order or second order (or zero order).  See notes here:  Integrated Rate Law

Ch13 Test

  1.  Hand in notes and practice/review WS for chapters 26 and 13.
  2. Students wrote the ch13 Properties of Solutions test today.
  3. Finish the lab safety WS and locating safety equipment in the classroom for next class. (due Tues)