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Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

  1. Go over Unit II test and do corrections.  If you want to do a retest, you will need to do your test corrections first, identify what areas you need more practice, do extra practice questions, and then talk to me to schedule a time.  The earliest retest date is on Thurs. Oct 25 during the Flex Period.
  2. Review:  Qualitative and Quantitative Properties (see question 1 and 3 in Unit III)

  1. Go over the WS “Classification of Matter” – what did you learn? See the Key Q #6.
  2. Do:  Unit III #1 and 2 (p.43); #13 and 15 (p.44) and #17 and 19 (p.48)
  3. Activity:  Physical and Chemical Changes (f there is time)
  4. Video:

Intro to Unit III

  1.  Intro to Unit III – Matter
  2. Handout:  Learning Outcomes for Unit III.  See copy here:  Unit III Learning Log
  3. Handout:  Data Table for Chemistry 11.
  4. Demo:  Qualitative and Quantitative properties
  5. Demo:  Elements and Compounds – using K’Nex to illustrate elements and compounds
  6. Read Unit III.1-III.3.  For section 1, the key vocabulary words are :  qualitative, quantitative, data, and observation.  Know all the vocabulary for section 2 and 3.
  7. How will you organize your information?   a) column notes   or b) cue cards   or c) mind map format (like the “Chemis-tree”?  See block 3’s notes:  Chemistree)  At the end of the unit, you will hand in your organized study notes (whichever method you choose).
  8. Do:  “Classification of Matter” worksheet.  See copy here:  7 Classification of Matter-S

Unit II Test

  1. Students wrote the Unit II test today.
  2. Reminder:  Bring a duotang/folder to hold your labs, quizzes, and tests that we can keep in the classroom.  This way, you can go over your test corrections more easily.
  3. Next class, make sure you bring your workbooks as there is a lot more reading in Unit III and you will want to be able to highlight key ideas in your workbook.

Review of Unit II and Intro to Unit III

  1.  Warm Up!
  2. Go over Quiz #2
  3. Go over Aluminum Foil Lab -what was good?  what do you need to improve?
  4. Bring a folder to hold your labs, quizzes, tests.
  5. Any Q’s from the review worksheet?
  6. An Intro to Unit III – “Chemistree”
  7. Unit II test outline:  about 30 multiple choice questions on a wide variety of topics from unit II (bring a pencil, eraser, and scientific calculator!) and the written section will have unit conversions, sig fig calculations, and reading scales.
  8. Study!

Finish Aluminum Foil Lab

  1.  The TNT (The Noble Tutors) Club will be starting after school tutoring in Chemistry (Rm113), Biology (Rm112) and Physics (Rm111) next week.  If you would like to volunteer as a tutor, you can pick up an application form from me or talk to Ms. Bernabei (Rm111).
  2. Go over Quiz.  Do your corrections.  What do you understand well?  What do you have questions about?  What do you need more practice with?
  3. Finish the aluminum foil lab write up for Thursday.
  4. Quiz #2 on sig figs and unit conversions on Thursday.
  5. Unit II test next week.

Sig Figs and More!

  1.  Go over HW Q’s (#56-59 letters b and d)
  2. I will be able to apply what I have learned about sig figs and measurements
  3. Activity:  Find the density of water
  4. Do:  #56-59 letters f and h
  5. Do:  POGIL WS “Significant Zeros”
  6. Next class: bring a ruler (around 15 cm long) and a scientific calculator
  7. Next class:  quiz on sig figs and unit conversions.

Intro to Precision and Accuracy

  1. The Workbooks are here!  Come pick them up.
  2. Go over Unit D #1 answers.
  3. I will be able to use the conversion factor method to convert metric units.
  4. Do:  Hebden Workbook p.21 #17 (the other questions we did not cover in class)
  5. I will be able to explain the difference between accuracy and precision.
  6. Do:  the Worksheet “Significant Digits and Measurements” (the one with the rulers)