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Final Exam Day 2 – mc section

  1.  Today, students wrote the Final exam multiple choice section.
  2. Next class, I hope to have your exams marked and your term/final marks completed.  You will check it over and make sure it is correct.  We will also do Term 3 reflections and have some awards.

Halides, Alcohols, and Carboxylic Acids

  1.  Warm Up!
  2. I will be able to write and name halides, alcohols, and carboxylic acids.  See notes/examples from block 1 here:  Halides, Alcohols, and Carboxylic Acids
  3. In your workbook, you can find information and practice for these in section 10.3 #17-20 (halides), p.233 #32-33 (alcohols), and p.235 (carboxylic acids)
  4. Continue to study for the final exam.  Final exam part 1 is on Tues. Jun 11.  This is the written section–all about moles!  Study unit 5, unit 7, and the last part of unit 9.  There will be 5 questions.  You can expect questions in which you use one mole wheel, two mole wheels, find the limiting reactant/reactant in excess, find the empirical and molecular formulas.
  5. The written section of the final exam will probably NOT take you the whole class.  Bring your study sheets and you can study for the mc section at the end of class.

Alkenes and Alkynes

  1.  Warm Up!
  2. I will be able to write and name alkenes and alkynes.  See block 1 examples here:  Alkenes and Alkynes
  3. Continue doing practice questions on Moles and Stoichiometry for Part 1 (written section) of the Final exam on Tuesday which focuses on Mole calculations.  Part 2 of the Final exam on Thurs are 50 multiple choice questions on a variety of topics.

Intro to Organic Chemistry

  1.  If you missed any assessments, see me/contact me to arrange a time to complete it.  The sooner the better!
  2. I will be able to write and name alkanes.  See block 1 notes here:  Introduction to Organic Chemistry – Nomenclature
  3. You can read sections 10.1 and 10.2 and try #1-20.  Unit 10 will NOT be on the final exam.  This unit is most useful if you are taking Biology or are learning anything in the health sciences field.
  4. Do:  Review questions from the Final Exam study guide.  The final exam is on Tues. June 11 (written section) and Thurs. June 13 (mc section).

Unit 9 Test

  1.  Today, students wrote the Unit 9 test.
  2. If you have not complete any assessments, you should complete them asap! (preferably before your final exam on June 11 so you can get feedback earlier)
  3. Next class: we will be doing a short unit on Organic Chemistry (3 classes)
  4. In the meantime, you should start the review packages for the Final Exam (which is on June 11 and 13, written over 2 days)

Ions in Solution

  1. Warm up!  See p.208 #25-27.
  2. I will be able to explain what happens when an ionic or colavent solid dissolves in water.
  3. Read section 9.5  and do #28
  4. I will be able to calculate the concentration of ions in solution.  See class notes here:  Ions in Solution
  5. Read section 9.6 and do #30-38 (even #s).