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Last Class

  1.  Students sorted through the lab stations.
  2. Students looked over their final exams and were given their Term 3/Final progress reports.
  3. If you still have an “I” standing, you need to clear it up by Tuesday!  See me after school today, tomorrow and if needed, Wednesday.

Final Exam Part 2

  1.  Today, students wrote the multiple choice portion of the Final Exam.
  2. Next class:  you will get your term/final progress report, along with results from your final exam.  We will also clean out the lab stations, organize and replace equipment.  If time, we may also go outside and have some bubble fun.

Final Exam Part 1

  1.  Today, students wrote the free response section of the Final Exam, focusing on mole calculations.
  2. Next class, students will answer 50 multiple choice questions focusing on Units 2-9 of their Hebden workbooks.
  3. If you borrowed a Hebden workbook from the school, I will collect it from you next class.

Review for Final Exam

  1.  Review for Final exam – highly recommended that you go through the 2 review packages!
  2. Tuesday June 13 – written section of the final exam will focus on Moles and Mole calculations
  3. Thursday June 15 – mc section of the final exam will cover all topics
  4. If you borrowed a workbook from the school, you will need to return it on Thurs. June 15.  If you wrote in it, you will need to bring $25 to pay for it.

Unit 9 Pre-test

  1.  Do and discuss Unit 9 Pretest. See copy here:  Unit 9 Pretest Solution Chemistry and some answers here:  Unit 9 Pretest Answers
  2. Test outline:  (test is on Friday, May 26)
    1. Major topics:  solution chemistry vocabulary, conductivity of solutions, polarity and intermolecular forces (also see section 8.3!), “like dissolves like”, calculate the concentration of ions in solution.
    2. Format:  about 25 multiple choice question;  written section will have a question similar to the 8.3 Quest (like a retest of 8.3).  You will need to identify the type of intermolecular force.  There will be a question to calculate the concentration of ions in solution.  There may be a question relating to intermolecular forces (or it will be included in the mc quetion section)