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Molar Volume

  1.  Finish Moles Inquiry group lab report and hand in.
  2. I will be able to calculate the volume of a pure substance.  See block 3 notes here:  Molar Volume
  3. Read p.82-83 and do #11-12, #15-17 (Q’s with STP), and #22-24
  4. Moles Qu-est will be on Wed. Dec. 19

Intro to Unit V

  1.  Game: review of Unit IV
  2. Reminder:  Unit IV test on Wednesday – there will be 10 questions to write the formula of the compound and 10 questions to write the name of the compound.
  3. If you scored less than 50% for Unit III, the retest will be on Wed. Dec.12 after school.   This week, you should come after school to do your test corrections and to get some extra help.  Please talk to me to let me know you are writing it.
  4. Intro to Unit V on The Mole Concept – see Learning Log here:  Unit V Learning Log
  5. I will be able to compare relative masses.  Do the Worksheet “Relative Mass and the Mole”  See a copy of it here:  22 Relative Mass and the Mole

Review of Unit IV

  1.  Focused practice – hydrates and acids.  Do:  WS
  2. Block 3 and 4 – Bingo!
  3. Review!  Do:  Questions from your WB (there are lots and lots of practice questions) and/or Worksheets.
  4. See copies here and note some typos:  Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets and Chemical Nomenclature Worksheet #4 with edits the answer keys here:  Writing and Naming Compounds Worksheets Answer Key 2  and Chemical Nomenclature Worksheet #4 Answer Key full

3.  Unit IV test will be on Wed. Dec. 5.  There will be 10-15 questions where you write the name of the compound and 10-15 questions where you write the formula of the compound.  You will be allowed to use the Data Booklet.

Some good review videos from Tyler DeWitt:



Writing and Naming Covalent Compounds

  1.  Did you hand in your Term 1 work habits reflection and goal setting handout?
  2. Video: How to Speak Chemistrian

3. Fizz Quiz – practice writing and naming ionic compounds, acids, and hydrates

4.  I will be able to write and name covalent compounds.  See notes from block 1 here:  Covalent Compounds

5. Do:  read p.73-74 and do #8-9

6. For extra practice:  p.75 # 14-163 and the 2 worksheets

7. Unit IV test will be on Wed. Dec 5 next week.