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Cow’s Eye Dissection

  1.  Hand in your Comparing Vision Systems project.
  2. Do:  Cow’s Eye Dissection.  Answer the questions in the lab and include a labelled diagram of the interior and exterior of the eyeball.
  3. If you opted not to do the dissection, your options are to do a virtual dissection using this website:

OR  to do the the project on “What do we need to know about Blue Light?”  This is in your chapter 6 worksheet booklet package (last page)



Vision Systems Project Day 2

  1.  Reminder:  Read the Cow’s Eye Dissection handout and fill in as many of the answers as you can.  We will do the dissection on Friday.  If you want to wear gloves, you can bring your own pair.  The school will try to supply one glove.
  2. Finish the Vision Systems Mini Project.  Remember to organize your information so you show what features about their eye and vision systems are similar and what features are different.  Remember to include diagrams to support your points.
  3. Bring home the Term 2 assessment sheets.  Your parents should discuss it with you, sign it, and you will return it to me.

Using Optical Systems

  1.  I Spy/ Vision tests

2.  Do:  Term 2 Self Reflection of Work Habits and Goal Setting for Term 3.  See copy here:  Work Habits Self Evaluation 2017

3.  Do:  Read section 6.2 and do the worksheet pages for section 6.2.  We marked these pages before the end the class.

4.  Next class:  Block 5 meets in the library.  Block 6 meets in Room 21 (computer lab).  We will be doing the mini-project from p.285 in your textbook.  See the website here for sample creatures you might choose to compare human vision to:

Also, see this list for some possible creatures to choose:  Natural Vision Systems

Vision Lab

  1.  I Spy…
  2. Go over section 6.1 worksheet pages
  3. Activity:  Vision Lab.  You will need to do Station 1 at home for homework.  See copy of the activity here:  Vision Lab
  4. If you are done early, continue with section 6.2 in your workbook.

Intro to Vision and the Eye

  1.  If you have any assessments to hand in, they should already be handed in!  See me if you still need to address any “I” standings for any of your units this year.
  2. Intro to ch6 – Vision and the Eye.
  3. I will be able to identify the parts of the eye and what their functions are.  I will be able to identify vision problems and what has been done to help deal with the vision problems.
  4. Read section 6.1 and do the worksheet pages for section 6.1.  Ch6 Workbook pages 2018

Finish Ch5 Challenge Activity

  1.  Reminder:  If you have assignments or I standings to complete, you can come in after school and/or during Flex Day.
  2. Hand in chapter 5 worksheets and 4 activities. (Act 5-5, 5-3, 5-7, 5-8 and questions)
  3. Finish challenge activities.  If you need more time to complete the level, you can come in after school Wed, Thurs or during Flex Day.

Challenge Activity Day 1

  1.  Reminder:  Term 2 assignments/assessments due by Thurs. Feb.28.  Come in during Goal Morning (Tuesday), Flex Day (Thurs), and after school Monday-Thurs. until 4pm to complete any assessments and I standings for Term 2.
  2. I handed back assignments for students to make any corrections.
  3. Students should hand in their ch5 worksheet package along with the 4 completed activities.
  4. Do:  Challenge activity!  Level 1 – Mirror Maze;  Level 2 – Mirror Island (locate the treasure) and Level 3 – Hit the Dog (where to put 5 mirrors in order for the light to shine on the dog)

Finish ch5 Assignments

  1.  I handed back your activities for ch5 so far.  If you have a stamp, your assignment is complete and fully meets expectations.  If you don’t have a stamp, there are still parts that you are missing or need to correct.  Hand it back in after you have completed the assignments.
  2. Finish ch5 worksheets.
  3. When done, paperclip the ch5 worksheets along with the 4 activities and hand in.
  4. Next class:  we will do the challenge activity!
  5. If you have an “I” standing for any of the units we covered so far, make sure you come in after school this week and/or next week, Goal morning, and Flex Day to address the I standing and pass the unit.

Curved Lenses

  1.  A Quick Review
  2. I will be able to explain how light refracts through a curved lens.
  3. Do:  Activity 5-8.  Draw the diagrams and do What did you Find Out #1-3.
  4. Complete any of the other activities.
  5. Do:  Chapter 5 worksheets (to be completed by the end of next week)