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Ch5 Assessment activities: Hit the Target!

  1.  Activity #1:  Mirror Maze.  Using the Law of Reflection, figure out the path of light as is reflects off different mirrors to reach its target.
  2. Activity #2:  Mirror Island
  3. Activity #3:  Hit the Dog
  4. Reminder:  Make sure you have completed the 4 labs and workbook pages and handed them in.  You can do corrections and resubmit your work.  It must be completed by Feb.28.
  5. Reminder:  Goal morning is on Tues. Feb.27 from 8:40-10am.  Come in to complete your assignments, to ask questions, etc….


Hit the Target!

  1.  Go over some of the workbook pages for ch5.
  2. Have you handed in all your labs and workbook?  You should have completed: Reflection Lab, Refraction Lab, Curved Mirrors Lab (5-7), Curved Lenses Lab (5-8).  You can do your corrections and resubmit your lab activity.  If you need to gather data and observations, you can come after school on Mon/Thurs or come during the Goal morning (Feb.27)
  3. Students had extra time to finish their assignments.  If you need extra help/time, they can come on Goal Morning, 8:40am on Tues. Feb.27

Curved Lenses and their Usess

  1.  Finish Activity 5-8.  Label the incident ray, refracted ray, and focal point.  What do you think the convex lens is used for?  What do you think the concave lens is used for?
  2. Hand in Activity 5-7 and Activity 5-8 together.
  3. Hand in your chapter 5 workbook pages package when you have completed it.
  4. While you are working during class, I will go over the feedback from the science fair with you (and your partner).
  5. If you have finished everything, play Khet – laser game.
  6. Reminder:  If you have any assignments to complete for Term 2, you need to hand it by Feb 28.

Curved Lenses

  1.  Videos:

2.  Finish curved mirrors lab  by labeling the incident ray, reflected ray, and focal point.  Think about what these mirrors are used for.

3.  Do:  Finish workbook pages for section 5.2

4.  Do:  Read section 5.3 and do activity 5-8 (p.190)  Draw the light rays as they pass through a convex and concave lens.  Label the incident ray, reflected ray, and focal point.

5.  Do:  Workbook pages for section 5.3.

Curved Mirrors

  1.  Go over workbook pages for section 5.1
  2. Demo:  what do you look like when you look at the inside of a spoon?  the outside of the spoon?
  3. Do:  Curved Mirrors Activity
  4. Read section 5.2 and begin workbook pages for section 5.2.

Reflection and Refraction

  1.  Self-reflection of sci fair projects.
  2. Review:  Reflection and Refraction
  3. Do:  finish refraction activity and questions
  4. Do:  read section 5.1 and finish section 5.1 workbook pages
  5. Reminder:  Goal Day is tomorrow.  If you have not completed assignments, you MUST come in to finish them.  If you want to do corrections for your assignments, you should also come in and do them.

Science Fair today!

  1.  Students presented their projects and were judged by our senior science students.  (great job everyone!)
  2. Do:  Hand in your report and journal.  Leave your display boards on the back counter.


  1.  Hand in Law of Reflection Lab if you didn’t last class.  For those who received feedback for their labs, you can do corrections and resubmit it.
  2. Demo:  The Case of the Reappearing Coin – how does a coin in an opaque cup that we cannot see, reappear when water is poured into the cup?
  3. Activity:  Refraction (using refraction blocks) Refraction Activity
  4. For Wed:  bring materials you want to use to prep for your sci fair presentation on Friday.  You can bring your display boards, paper, notes, etc…You can practice your oral presentation with other students.  I will supply scissors and glue sticks.
  5. Friday:  I will arrive around 8:15am so you can bring your projects in to set up (block 1) or put on the counter (block 2).  Bring your display board and visuals, your written report, your journal, and your oral presentation.

Law of Reflection

  1.  I will be able to prove the Law of Reflection
  2. Demo:  transparent, translucent, opaque
  3. Practice using protractors
  4. Activity:  Law of Reflection
  5. Begin reading section 5.1 and start the workbook pages for section 5.1
  6. Continue working on your science fair projects.  At this point, you should be completing your data collection and starting your written report.