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Composition of the Atom

  1.  Hand in projects, Term 1 signed reports, and Science Fair Journals.
  2. Any more presentations?
  3. I will be able to describe quarks and leptons.
  4. Video:

5.  Go over worksheet answers on the Composition of the Atom

6.  Do:  Activity:  Modelling the Atom using playdoh

Composition of the Atom

  1.  Seating plan change
  2. Show and Tell presentations for the Fluids, Forces, and Pressure Project (Day 2)
  3. Reminder:  project write ups due by Friday
  4. Video:

5.  Do:  Finish Composition of the Atom worksheet for Friday

Bernoulli’s Principle and Finish ch8 project

  1.  Did you hand in your Term 1 reflection?
  2. Go over Experiments Quiz
  3. I will be able to explain and apply Bernoulli’s Principle.

4.  Activity:  Making a piece of paper “lift” by blowing down on it.

5.  Demo:  how to make 2 balloons touch by blowing between them.

6.  Finish ch8/9 project on Fluids, Forces, and Pressure.

7. Sign up for what example you want to share for “Show and Tell” next week.

Ch8/9 Project

  1.  Fill out the Term 1 reflections.
  2. Bring science fair journals for next class so I can read them.
  3. Fluid Systems Project:  see copy here:  Fluid Systems Project.  Projects are due next week and you will do your “show and tell” next week.  Try to choose what you want to present so we don’t have repeats of it.  See chapter 9 for ideas.

Finishing Chapter 8

  1.  Quiz on Designing Experiments.
  2. Hand in “Drops of Water on a Penny” Lab.
  3. Go over section 8.2 worksheet (fill in the blank and calculations)
  4. Video:

5.  Science Fair planning.  In your journals, you should be able to answer:

  1.  Our question is:
  2. We are going to change: (independent variable)
  3. We are going to measure: (dependent variable)
  4. Materials we need:
  5. How we are going to test this:
  6. Timeline and setting goals:


Surface Tension

  1.  Science fair scenarios – review how to identify the independent variable, dependent variable, the control group, etc… See copy of handout here:  SpongeBob Controls and Variables Part 1
  2. Note:  Quiz on analysing science experiments on Thurs. Nov. 23
  3. I can describe properties of fluids:  viscosity, adhesion, cohesion, surface tension.
  4. Demo:  Why does water not fall out when you turn a bottle covered with mesh upside down quickly?
  5. Activity:  How Many Drops of Water can you put on a Penny?  See handout here:  How Many Drops Can Fit on a Penny

What is Pressure?

  1.  Hand in section 8.1 booklet with column notes, questions, lab activity and graph.
  2. Go over section 8.1 worksheet (fill in the bland and t/f questions)
  3. I will be able to explain the effects of pressure and calculate pressure.
  4. Do:  Read section 8.2 in your textbook
  5. Do:  Answer the questions on your worksheet
  6. Do:  Section 8.2 worksheet (fill in the blank and calculations)
  7. Reminder:  Choose topics for your science project and talk to me!  Goal Day is on Tues. Nov. 21

Finish Force of Gravity Lab write up

  1.  Library sessions debrief:

1st session:  academic honesty, how to choose reputable resources

2nd session:  how to use the online library resources and databases

3rd session:  brainstorm and narrow down topic ideas.  Start developing the experiment.

Topics and experiments developed by Goal Day, Nov. 21

If you haven’t had your experiment approved by Goal Day, you need to come in on Goal Day between 8:30-10am.

2.  Finish calculating the slope of your graph and interpolating/extrapolating the data points from your graph.  See the sample graph we made in class:  Graphing and slope

3.  Do:  Worksheet for section 8.1

4.  Do:  Develop your project ideas for Science Fair