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How Geological Processes have Affected BC

  1.  Review:  Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  2. I will be able to explain how geological processes have affected BC
  3. I will be able to know how to prepare for an emergency such as an earthquake.
  4. Do:  Read section 4.4 and do the WB Q’s for section 4.4
  5. Test next class on ch4.  You will be allowed to use your workbook pages only for the test.


  1.  Review: Video


2.  Go over workbook questions for section 4.2

3.  I will be able to explain how tectonic plates produce earthquakes.

Some interesting websites that document where earthquakes occur and their strengths:


Do:  Read section 4.3 and do the Workbook questions in section 4.3 on earthquakes.  We will finish the questions about volcanoes next class.

Plate Tectonics

  1.  Go over puzzle activity and sec 4.1 workbook.
  2. I will be able to describe how tectonic plates move and how they affect the Earth
  3. Demo:  hands
  4. Read sec 4.2 and do the workbook pages for sec 4.2

Theory of Continental Drift

  1.  Presentations:  how indigenous plants have been used as medicines
  2. Go over ch3 (Immune system) test
  3. I will be able to explain the theory of continental drift.
  4. Activity:  the “Obscertainer” – by making observations, can you figure out the pattern of walls inside the container without looking inside?
  5. Activity:  Wegener’s Puzzling Continents – color the fossil evidence, cut out the land masses, and put the “puzzle” together.  Wegener proposed that at one time, all the land masses were one land mass called Pangaea which spread out from each other over time.
  6. Read section 4.1.  Do:  Workbook pages for section 4.1.

Ch3 Test

  1.  Finish presentations on indigenous plants.
  2. Ch3 Test on the Immune System.
  3. Please make sure you are up to date on your assignments!
  4. Next week:  I will start collecting textbooks back from you if you are up to date with all your assignments.

Indigenous Plants, Vaccines, and Review!

  1.  Sharing:  How have indigenous plants been used as medicines?
  2. Mark Immune System Worksheets #2
  3. Study:  Do chapter review questions p.112 #1-23
  4. Study:  Make study notes or a cue card to help you review for your test next class.
  5. Tuesday:  Test on Ch3 Immune System


  1.  I will be able to explain how our body responds when it has an allergic reaction.

2.  Finish your First Nations Indigenous medicine assignment.  Be prepared to share what you have learned with the class on Friday.  You can email your project, share a link to a google doc, or have it written/printed.  Remember to include: a description of the plant (where can it be found? what does it look like?), what is it used for (ie. stomach aches, pain relief, heart problems, etc…)? how is it used (ie. roots ground up, leaves used in a tea, eat the flower, etc…)?

3.  Ch3 Test next week (probably Tuesday) – for review, start the chapter review question on p.118 #1-23.