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Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

  1.  Video on Pangaea.
  2. Finish the Puzzle on continental drift.
  3. Activity:  Obscertainer – can you determine what is inside the container without ever opening the container?
  4. Video:  Sea Floor Spreading
  5. Video:

6.  Read section 4.2 booklet.  Start taking notes on Section 4.1 and 4.2.  You choose the format for your notes.


Ch3 Test

  1.  More presentations on First Nations medicines!
  2. Today, students wrote the ch3 test on the Immune System.
  3. Start reading section 4.1 of our Earth Science Unit.  Block 5 did the Wegener’s Puzzling Continents activity.  What does it mean?

First Nations Medicines Project Share

  1.  Students shared what they learned about plants used by First Nations groups for medicinal purposes.
  2. Do:  Make a study card for the ch3 test on Wednesday.
  3. Ch3 test outline:  25 multiple choice questions; 4 short answer questions.  Major topics:  how diseases are transmitted, first and second line of defense, innate and acquired immune system responses, allergies and how our body responds, vaccines and how it protects our body, HIV and AIDS, how to keep our bodies healthy.

First Nations Medicines Project

  1. Videos:
  3. (this was a student project – what do you think?)


2. Finish First Nations Medicines project. See the rubric for what you should include in your project. Be prepared to share what you have learned on Monday. You can send your document to me via email or put it on an USB stick.  See copy of rubric here:  First Nations Medicinal Plants project rubric


First Nations Medicines

  1. Video:

2. Go over section 3.1 and 3.2 worksheet answers.

3. I will be able to explain how First Nations peoples have used plants to treat illnesses.

4. Group project – In pairs, choose a plant (or research the plant you were given) and find information about it. You should be able to answer:

  • Where is this plant found in BC?
  • Which First Nations groups use this plant? Anyone else?
  • What illness is it used to treat?
  • How does the plant affect the body?
  • How is the plant used to treat the illness (i.e. eat it? make tea? use it as a lotion? etc….)
  • Include visuals (of your plant, how it is used, etc…)

Acquired Immune System

  1.  Activity:  Who has measles?
  2. I will be able to explain how the acquired immune system works.
  3. Read section 3.2 and fill in the follow-along notes.
  4. Read section 3.2 and do the worksheets for section 3.2.
  5. Video:

Intro to the Immune System (chapter 3)

  1. Reminder:  Goal Day is on Thurs. May 2.  If you have not completed all your assessments, you NEED to come in to complete them.  Sign up with me or email me with what you want to work on (i.e. Optics assessment; finish Cow’s Eye dissection worksheet, etc…)
  2.  Go over the chapter 1 test.
  3. Intro to chapter 3:  I will be able to explain how diseases spread.  I will be able to explain the First Line of Defense.
  4. Read section 3.1 and fill in the study notes package.  See copy here: Immune System notes
  5. Also, do the worksheet pages for section 3.1.  See copy here:  Ch3 Workbook pages

Ch1 Test and Finish Gummi Bear Lab

  1.  Today, students wrote a test on chapter 1 – Cells and the Microscope.
  2. Finish the Gummi Bear lab measurements.  What did you learn about osmosis?  Answer the reflections questions on the back of your lab handout.
  3. Reminder:  Measles Vaccination on Tuesday–bring your forms.  Core Competency Chats on Wednesday – bring your portfolios.  Goal Day on Thursday –come in the morning from 8:30-11:30, the earlier the better!

Gummi Bear Lab and Ch1 Review

  1.  Go over chapter 1 (sec.1.3) worksheet pages.
  2. Activity:  Gummi Bear Lab – Day 1
  3. Make study notes for ch1 and bring them on Friday!
  4. Chapter 1 test on Friday.
  5. Goal Day on May 2 – make sure you have completed any “I” standings and finish any assignments for Term 3 so far.  You can stay after school to complete your assignments Monday-Thurs.

Review of Chapter 1

  1.  Warm Up!  Can you match the parts of the cell?
  2. Video:  Parts of the Cell, Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis and

3.  Finish any assignments with an “I” standing, assignments you have not completed yet, or do corrections for assignments that are less than an “FM (Fully Meets Expectations)” standing.

4.  Finish the worksheets in your chapter 1 booklet.

5. Make a one page study sheet.  The Ch1 test will be on Friday, April 26.  You will be allowed to use your one page study sheet for the test.