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Ch7 Test

  1.  Students wrote the chapter 7 test today.
  2. Students received a journal for their science fair project.  Begin by making a list of things you like, things you enjoy doing, topics you want to learn more about, and problems/issues you see at home, school, community, society, etc….
  3. Go over the Science Celebration handout.  Any questions?
  4. Next class we will be in the library.  Make sure you know your username and password to be able to access the computers.  Bring your science fair journals with you.

Review of Ch7

  1.  Go over section 7.2 worksheet answers.
  2. Go over answers to the Chapter review questions.
  3. Study for your chapter 7 test!  There will be about 25-30 multiple choice questions and the written section will by a mystery in which you need to solve which crown is the gold crown and which ones are fake.  Bring a pencil, eraser, and calculator for the test.
  4. Read the Science Celebration handout for next week.  Note any questions you have about the project.

Review of Ch7

  1.  Go over section 7.1 WS
  2. Hand in section 7.2 notes and the Density Lab
  3. Do:  section 7.2 WS
  4. Do:  Chapter Review Q’s p.272 #4, 10, 13-17
  5. Note:  Chapter 7 test on Tuesday, Oct 16

Finish Density Lab

  1.  Go over an experiment scenario to identify the independent and dependent variable.
  2. Go over a sample density calculation for review.
  3. Do:  Finish the Density lab and questions.
  4. Do:  Finish column notes for section 7.2 (they will be much shorter than the notes for section 7.1)
  5. Do:  the worksheet for section 7.1 only.


  1.  Go over pHet density simulation.  What did you learn?
  2. Demo:  Coke vs Diet Coke – comparing densities – why are they different?
  3. Density Lab:  measure and compare the densities of regular shaped objects, irregular shaped objects, and liquids.  See copy of lab here:  Density Lab
  4. Do:  Column notes for section 7.2
  5. Begin: Worksheet for section 7.1 and 7.2


  1.  Hand in Column notes for section 7.1 (if you haven’t already).
  2. Video:

3.  I will be able to compare the density of different objects and predict whether an object would “float” or “sink” compared to each other.

4.  pHet simulation:

5.  Do:  Worksheet on Density by exploring the simulation.  Phet_Density worksheet


What is Matter?

  1.  Go over lab safety test.
  2. I will be able to describe the properties of matter.
  3. I will be able to read for information and organize information into column notes.
  4. Demo:  physical and chemical properties
  5. Read section 7.1 and organize the key ideas into 3-column notes (Key idea/ Description/ Examples)  (pages 246-253)

6.  Video:

Lab Safety Test

  1.  Lab Safety Test
  2. Intro to Unit III (chapters 7 to 9) – we drew the “tree of chemistry”
  3. Block 5 – Begin reading chapter 7 if you have time.
  4. Block 6 – Continue with the column notes for section 7.1 .  You will have some class time next week to finish the notes.

Identifying Lab Equipment

  1.  We marked the Pictograms matching worksheet.
  2. Go over the What’s Wrong? and Locating Safety Equipment assignment.  You would have received an assessment of FM, M, MM, or I.  If you did not receive an FM (Fully Meets Expectations), you can do your correcting and resubmit your assignment.
  3. Lab Safety Test on Thurs. Sept 20.  The test outline is:  about 10 True/False questions, about 5 safety items to locate on a map of our classroom, matching WHMIS symbols with their description, and 5 scenarios where you need to identify one thing that IS safe that students are doing and one thing that IS NOT safe that the students are doing.
  4. Tuesday, Sept 18 – grade 8 students will be on the Gr8 Retreat at Mt. Seymour.
  5. Also on Thurs. Sept 20 – Class photos (during the day) and Parent Walkabout (6pm)