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Ch7 Test

  1.  Have you handed in all your assignments and labs so far this term?  If not, come after school and get caught up!
  2. Chapter 7 Test
  3. Students received a journal for their Science Celebration/Fair project.  Brainstorm things that you like and things that you are interested in.  What questions do you have about those topic areas?  What questions do you want to ask your teacher?  Write in your journal.

Chapter 1 Review

  1.  Hand in Density Challenge #2.
  2. Go over CYU and Chapter Review Questions.
  3. Video:

4.  Test Outline:  All of Chapter 7!  Section 1 has a lot of vocabulary – know their definitions and be able to give examples.  Section 2 focuses on density calculations and comparing densities.  The format of the test:  about 30 multiple choice questions and a written section where you will have to prove which crown is the gold crown by calculating and comparing densities.  You should bring a pencil, eraser and calculator (if you have one).

5.  Do:  Pretest for chapter 7.  See copy here:  Ch7 Quiz for practice and the answer key here:  Ch7 Quiz Answers

Density Challenge #2

  1.  Hand in Density Challenge #1 and Worksheet “Comparing Densities”
  2. Density Challenge #2 – there are 2 goals for this lab:  1) to learn the skills of measuring mass with a triple beam balance and measuring the volume of a regular solid, irregular solid, and liquid  AND 2) to find the densities of different objects.  See a copy of the activity here:  Density Lab
  3. HW:  Read the handout “Science Celebration”.  Make a list of questions you have about the project.  See copy of the handout here:  Science Fair Outline for 2017_18
  4. Video:


  1.  Class discussion on what you learned last class from the activity of melting ice cubes.  How did changing _____  change what you measured?  Why do you think this happened?

2.  I will be able to calculate and compare the density of different objects.  See class notes here:  Real Life Examples of Density and Density notes

3.  Do:  Read section 7.2.  Complete the worksheet p.106-107 for next class.  See copy here:  Sec.7.2 Workbook


Design an Experiment

  1.  Design an experiment that will involve ice cubes melting.  Choose what you will change and how you will measure the change.
  2. After you collect your data,  answer the following:

If the __________ is ____________ then the ___________ will _________.  I think this happened because ____________________________.  If we had more time, we would __________________.

3.  If you did not complete the column notes for section 7.1, please complete it and submit it.

Designing an Experiment – Melting of Ice Cubes

  1.  We marked the worksheet for section 7.1.
  2. Hand in the column notes for section 7.1 and the worksheet for section 7.1
  3. Demo:  What happens when hot water vapour is cooled down quickly when put in an ice bath?  Why did the balloon get sucked into the Erlenmeyer flask rather than inflate?
  4. Video:  Melting of Ice

On sticky notes, students:

  1.  wrote one observation of the ice melting
  2. wrote a question they had after watching the ice melting
  3. wrote one thing they could measure if they were doing this activity
  4. wrote one thing they could change in this activity

Based on the class discussion of these 4 things, students will design their own experiment where they will choose ONE thing they would change in this activity and ONE thing they will measure.  We will finish planning the activity and do it next class.

The planning of the experiment can also be followed with this handout:  Smarter Science

Thermal Expansion and Contraction

  1. Go over the lab safety test from last class.  Change the false statements to make them true.
  2. I will be able to describe the states and matter and how they change.
  3. Demo:  food coloring in cold or hot water.  What were the differences you observed?  Why?  Why did one mix faster than the other?
  4. Finish column notes for Section 7.1 (all of it!)
  5. Do: Worksheet (both sides)