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Unit 4 Earth Science Test

  1.  Hand in Unit 4 textbook sections and Unit 4 worksheets.
  2. Today, students wrote the Unit 4 test on Earth Science.
  3. If you are missing any assignments or have an “I” (Incomplete) standing for any of the units we covered this year, make sure you come after school to see me and complete those units.

Review of Unit 4

  1.  Video:

2.  Go over any questions from section 4.4 you had troubles with.

3.  Make cue card study cards for the test on Thursday.

4.  Unit 4 Test Outline:   the major topics for each section are:  4.1 Continental Drift; 4.2 Plate Tectonics; 4.3  Earthquakes and Volcanoes;  4.4 BC’s Geological Features and Earthquake/Disaster Preparedness.   The test format is:  40 multiple choice questions.  The written section will focus on questions about earthquake/disaster preparedness.

Earthquake Preparedness


2.  I will be able to identify geological processes in and around BC.

3.  I will be able to explain what items would be needed in an emergency kit, be able to assemble one at home, and come up with an emergency plan.

4.  Read section 4.4 and do the worksheet questions for section 4.4.

5.  Next class:  review of Unit 4

6.  Unit 4 test on Earth Science on Thurs. June 6.



  1.  Go over sec4.3 HW questions on Earthquakes.
  2. We looked at pictures of the ring of fire and watched some videos:

3.  I will be able to explain how volcanoes form.  I will be able to explain what happens when oceanic and continental crusts collide and when continental-continental crusts collide.

4.  Read the rest of section 4.3 and do p.165-167 on Volcanoes.

If you have lost or forgotten your worksheet pages for the Earth Science Unit, you can see/print them here:  Earth Science worksheet pages