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Sec 2.4 Assessment

  1.  Go over “What is Matter?” Worksheet.
  2. Open notebook assessment for section 2.4 on the History and Parts of the Atom.  Staple your speech bubble notes to your test.
  3. HW:  Work on your science fair project!  What do you need to do next?
  4. Next class:  we will be going to the library to do some simulations on Waves, Energy, and Color.

What is Matter Made Of? – Atoms!

  1.  Videos – review of the History of the Atom

Video:  How Small is the Atom?

2.  I will be able to explain how the atom is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  I will be able to explain how the subatomic particles are made of quarks and leptons.

3.  Finish your speech bubble notes and the Worksheet.  If you need extra time to finish it, you can come after school to use the textbooks or you can take a photo of the pages you still need.

4.  Next class: we will mark the worksheet and complete Worksheet #2

5.  Next week:  Section 2.4 assessment – you will be allowed to use your notes and worksheet that are in your binder!

6.  In the meantime, continue working on your science fair projects.

Finish History of the Atom Notes

  1.  Demo:  Crooke’s Tube – how did Thomson’s observations change the model of the atom?
  2. Video:  Rutherford’s Gold Foil Experiment
  3. Demo:  Spectroscopes – how did Bohr’s observations change the model of the atom?
  4. Do:  Finish your section 2.4 Speech Bubble Notes
  5. Do:  Worksheet for section 2.4

Atomic History

  1.  Video:  A Boy and His Atom

2.  Read section 2.4 in the BC Science 8 Connections textbook.  What is the story of the history of the atom?  Include the stories of Democritus, Aristotle, John Dalton, J J Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, and Niels Bohr.  You can organize your information in Speech Bubble Notes.  See example here:  Sample Speech Bubble Notes

3.  At home, work on your science fair projects!  If you want to borrow equipment from the school, let me know next week otherwise there may not be enough time to get it for you before the holidays!

Chapter 8 Test

  1.  Students wrote the Chapter 8 test on Fluids and Pressure today.
  2. Students will be assigned a number that corresponds to a textbook they will use IN CLASS ONLY.  For the next few weeks, we will be studying “What is matter made of?”  Students can begin reading section 2.4 if they finish their test early.
  3. Since most classwork will be completed in class, students at home should be working on their science fair projects – gathering materials, setting up their experiments, beginning to collect data.  If you have a partner, coordinate WHEN and WHERE you will meet together to work on your project.

Review of Chapter 8

  1.  Go over section 8.3 Worksheet and Review Questions for chapter 8.
  2. Discuss with your science fair partner – what is your question? what materials do you need? what steps will you take for your procedure?
  3. Discuss with your science fair partner – what is the best method to communicate with each other?  when will you next meet?
  4. Ch8 test next class.

Ch8 Review – Day 1

  1.  Group share of Hoopster results.
  2. Do:  Chapter 8 review questions on p.299 # 3, 4, 6 and p.310 # 11, 12
  3. Go over section 8.3 WS
  4. Next class you will be given time to work on your science fair project planning.  Bring your science fair journals to record your ideas!
  5. Chapter 8 test on Tues. Dec. 4

Testing Your Hoopsters

  1.  Reminder:  Flex Day tomorrow.  Sign up if you want to come work on your science fair projects
  2. Finish building your models of the Hoopster and test them.
  3. Next class: we will go over the worksheet for section 8.3
  4. Heads up!  Chapter 8 test next week!

Scientific Method – the Hoopster

  1.  Hand in the “Drops of Water on a Penny” activity and questions.
  2. Using Smarter Science – How to Design an Experiment.  See handouts here:  Smarter Science
  3. Build your model hoopsters.  We will be testing them next class.
  4. In the meantime, finish section 8.3 WS
  5. Do:  start writing out what materials you need and what procedure you will follow for your science fair project.
  6. Sign up with me if you want to come on Flex Day to work on your science fair projects.