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Quest and Lab Prep

  1.  Hand in chapter 1 notes and chapter 1 Review worksheet that has been marked and corrected (show what you learned, not just the final answer)
  2. Quest on unit conversions, sig figs, and precision of measurements.
  3. Do:  Prelab 2A Heating and Cooling Curves of a Pure Substance for Thursday.  See copy here:  Lab 2A Heating and Cooling Curve  Note change:  we will use lauric acid rather than paradichlorobenzene.
  4. Do:  Prelab 2D Chromatography for Tuesday next week.  See copy here:  Lab 2D Separation of a Mixture by Paper Chromatography

Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

  1.  Fizz Quiz #4 on Unit Conversions.
  2. I will be able to describe and identify chemical and physical properties and chemical and physical changes.
  3. Activity:  mixing the 4 solutions.  Which reactions are chemical changes?  physical changes?  What evidence do you have?  You will share your results next class.
  4. Reminder:  Ch1 notes and marked and corrected Ch1 Review worksheet due next class.
  5. Reminder:  Sig Figs, Unit Conversions, and Precision of Measurements Qu-est on Tuesday (next class)

Chemistree – Classification and Properties

  1.  Fizz Quiz on Unit Conversions
  2. I will be able to classify and describe properties of matter.  See block 5 notes here:  Chemistree
  3. Handout (extra info) on separation techniques.  See copy here:  Separation Techniques from Hebden workbook
  4. Do:  Study notes for ch1 due Tuesday, Oct 8.
  5. Do:  Ch1 Review WS #29-49 (do on a separate sheet of paper).  See copy here:  ch1 worksheet.
  6. Check for the answer key here on Thurs/Fri :  Ch1 Review WS Answer Key .  See the REVISED answer key here due to counting items vs. estimated items (ie. rattlesnakes – are you counting them or estimating?  If counting, then infinite sig figs).  Also correction in sig figs of temperature conversions.  Ch1 Rev WS Answers (REVISED)  If correct, use a check mark.  If incorrect, show what you learned (not just what the answer is).  You will hand this in on Tues. Oct. 8
  7. Qu-est on Sig Figs, Precision of Measurements, and Unit Conversions – Tues. Oct.8

SI Units and Unit Conversions

  1.  Hand in Al Foil Lab.
  2. I will be able to identify SI Unit and do metric conversions using dimensional analysis (conversion factor method)
  3. Read section 1.6 and do #43 and 45 (show your work!)
  4. Test on sections 1.5 and 1.6 (Sig Figs and Unit Conversions) – Tues. Oct. 8

Video from “Rent” about Units/Conversions called “Seasons of Love”

Lab: Find the Thickness of a Sheet of Al Foil

  1.  Quiz on sig figs.
  2. Do/Finish lab: find the thickness of a sheet of regular and heavy duty aluminum foil.
  3. Prepare a lab report.  See format/instructions here:  how to write a lab report b.  Complete the lab report for next class (for the Q’s and Calculations, you should show how you calculated the thickness of each sheet of aluminum foil.  No Follow Up Questions.  Discussion – see guiding questions to help you.  Possible Sources of Error – give at least one!  Conclusion – should address the objectives of your lab)
  4. If you have questions, come see me!

Lab: Find the Thickness of a Sheet of Aluminum Foil

  1.  Fizz Quiz on Sig Figs
  2. Finish Density Lab class results and discussion.  Did you measure precisely?  Did you round your calculations to the correct number of sig figs?
  3. Lab:  Find the Thickness of a Sheet of Aluminum Foil.  See instructions here:  What is the Thickness of a Sheet of Aluminum Foil
  4. Next class:  I will show you how to write up your lab reports and you will have time to finish collecting data.
  5. Next class:  Quiz on Sig Figs
  6. In the meantime, continue reading chapter 1 and taking study notes.

Unit Conversions

  1.  Lab Safety Test
  2. Go over sig figs worksheet – any Q’s?  See answer key here:  Sig Figs Worksheet with Answers
  3. I will be able to measure and calculate the density of water (applying what I have learned about precision and sig figs).  We will share results of the class next period. (Block 7 will do this next class–in the meantime, start memorizing the metric prefixes!)
  4. Begin reading chapter 1 and taking notes.  These will be study notes for yourself, and useful next year when you want to review for the AP Exam and can study from your notes rather than re-reading the textbook!

WHMIS Symbols and more Sig Figs!

  1.  I will be able to identify the 9 WHMIS symbols.  See handouts here:
  2. Go over the worksheets “Significant Figures” and “Significant Zeros”, paying attention to the “Key” points.
  3. Practice worksheet (back side of the worksheet “Reading Instruments with Sig Figs”
  4. Note:  the 9th edition textbook has online homework and practice quizzes.  See link here:

use the “jump to” box at the top to choose the chapter

  1. Watch lab safety videos:

Significant Figures

  1.  Video:  Accuracy and Precision

2.  Go over worksheet “Reading Instruments with Sig Figs”.  See answer key here:  Reading Instruments with Sig Figs Worksheet with Answers

3.  I will be able to identify the number of significant figures in a measurement and how to round calculations to the correct number of significant figures.  See notes from block 5 here:  Significant Figures

4.  Do:  POGILS on Significant Figures and Significant Zeros.   See copies here:  5 Significant Digits and Measurement-S and 6 Significant Zeros-S

5. Textbook correlation:  Chapter 1 sections 5, Q#35-40

Some other good videos: