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Lab 6B Day 2

  1.  Warm up!  Do Question 3.29 on the ch3 review WS
  2. Finish Lab 6B by: a) weighing your sample, b) answer Q’s and Calculations #1-6 (communicate clearly!), c) what are some possible sources of error? and d) conclusion
  3. Begin ch3 Review WS (due Monday) and finish ch3 notes (due Friday)
  4. Ch3 Test on Friday, Dec. 22


  1.  Warm Up!  Combustion Analysis to find the Empirical Formula.  See class notes here (the sample question is at the very bottom):  Empirical and Molecular Formulas Day 2
  2. I will be able to use mole ratios (stoichiometry).  See block 4 notes here:  Stoichiometry (Mole Ratios)
  3. Do:  Read section 3.6 and do #55, 57, 59 and #65-77 (odd numbers)
  4. Do:  Prelab for Lab 6B.  See copy here:  Lab 6B.  Prepare from Title to Data Tables for next class.  This lab will take 2 days.  We will do Day 1 on Friday and finish the lab on Tuesday next week.
  5. Video on Stoichiometry:

Lab 4B Day 1

  1. Hand in signed interim reports.
  2. Do:  Lab 4B Day 1 – you will keep the Cu(s) made and Fe nails used until next class so they have time to dry.  We will weigh them next class.
  3. Fill in the Term 1 self-reflection and hand in to me.
  4. In the meantime, at home, continue to do as many practice mole questions that you can.

Prelab 4B

  1.  Read Lab 4B and prep the set up for the lab.  You will need to summarize the procedure and set up data tables to collect information.  See copy of lab here:  Lab 4B
  2. Go over balancing and types of reactions test and do corrections.
  3. Bring home interim reports, have your parent/guardian sign them, and return them to me.


  1.  Hand in Lab 5C
  2. Go over ch2 tests and do test corrections.  If you want to retest the written section, you need to do your test corrections, come after school to do some practice worksheets, and come on Goal Day, 10:30-11:30am.
  3. Do:  Pre-test and mark it
  4. Next class:  test on balancing equations and types of chemical reactions