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Ch5 Review

  1.  We went over ch5 review worksheet answers.
  2. Do:  corrections for the worksheet and finish your Cornell notes.
  3. Study!  Ch5 test next class.  There will be about 20mc Q’s based on all of ch5.  There will be about 4-5 written questions, based on calculations.  (Hint:  There are 4 ways to find enthalpy)

Lab 17A

  1.  Do:  Lab 17A – you are proving Hess’ Law using calorimetry and separate reactions.  With the 3 possible reactions, 2 will add together to equal the other reaction.  Is Hess’ Law true?  Do the enthalpies of the 2 reactions add to equal the total reaction enthalpy?
  2. Do:  Q’s and Calc #1-6, Possible Sources of Error, Conclusion

2.  Finish Cornell notes for ch5 and continue working through the ch5 review worksheet.  We will go over the worksheet next week.

Ch5 test will be on Monday, Feb.26

Calorimetry and more!

  1.  Video:

2.  I will be able to calculate the change in enthalpy using enthalpies of formation.  See notes here:  Enthalpies of Formation

3.  I will be able to calculate the change in enthalpy using Hess’ Law.  See notes here:  Hess Law

4.  Finish ch5 Cornell notes.  Next week we will review, do a prelab/lab and then the week after we will have our chapter test.

5.  Do:  #57, 59, 71


Science Fair Judging

  1.  Students helped to evaluate the science 8 projects today.
  2. Reminder:  If you want to write a retest on our previous test, you should come on Goal Day (9am-10:15am).  Before you can write a retest, you should have made test corrections, figured out which topics need more practice, do extra practice, and then talk to me.

Ch4 Review

  1.  Hand in Lab 20C
  2. Go over ch4 review worksheet and do corrections.   See copy of answers here:  Ch4 Review Worksheet Answers
  3. Study!
  4. Test outline:  Major topics:  properties of solutions, molarity calculations, precipitate formation (memorize the solubility table!), types of reactions (ie. redox, metathesis).  Format:  about 20 mc questions and written section will include calculations and writing equations.