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Lewis Dot Structures

  1. Chem contests coming up:  check out practice exams and decide if you want to participate:  BC Chemistry Olympiad,  Avogadro Chemistry Contest (UWaterloo),  Thompson Rivers University Chemistry Contest for Chem11 (these contests are aimed at Chem11 students)   and Canadian Chemistry Contest (CCC), Canadian Chemistry Olympiad (CCO),  Chem13 News contest (UWaterloo), Thompson Rivers University Chemistry Contest for Chem12
  2. Any Q’s from ch7 worksheet?  Due Friday, April 3 along with ch7 notes.
  3. Quiz on ch7 on Friday, April 3.
  4. I will be able to draw Lewis Dot structures.
  5. Do:  Worksheet  Electron Dot Structures Worksheet
  6. Do:  read ch8.  Sec1-3 intro;  (sec.4 is part of the ch7 test as it talks about periodic trends in electronegativity);  sec.5 – how to draw Lewis dot structures in more detail.  We will look at some of the exceptions to the Lewis dot structures when we return from Spring Break and that’s it for chapter 8!
  7. See here for an advanced copy of the ch.8 review worksheet and answer key:  ch8 worksheet and  Chapter 8 Review Worksheet Answer Key.

Chemistry and Harry Potter

  1. Fizz Quiz:  periodic trends.
  2. Periodic Trends worksheet:  what are some exceptions you were supposed to notice?  Why do they happen?
  3.  Video:  Floo powder – chemistry in action!

4.  Activity:  Flame tests –make note of which color each element turns into.

5.  Do:  chapter 7 review worksheet.  See copy here:  ch7 worksheet.  Finish your chapter 7 notes, focusing on the periodic table and the trends (and the principles of attraction and repulsion!!)  See answer key here:  Chapter 7 Review Worksheet – Periodic Trends -Answer Key

Review Ch6; Intro to Ch7

  1.  Fizz Quiz #2
  2. Quiz on electron configurations next class.  There will be about 12 questions which should take about 15-20 minutes.  Ch6 notes and WS are due.
  3. Any Q’s from the ch6 review WS?
  4. Do:  Worksheets on Coulombic Attraction and Periodic Trends.  We will discuss this more on Wed.

Ch5 Test

Today, students wrote the ch5 test on Thermochemistry.

For next class, finish the “Electron Configuration” worksheet and bring any questions you have from your readings!

Reminder:  last day for term 2 assessments is Thurs. Feb.27

How to Write Electron Configurations and Review of ch5

  1.  Warm Up!  practice questions from ch5.
  2. Any Q’s from the Ch5 review worksheet?
  3. Ch5 Test Outline:  20 multiple choice questions from a variety of topics in ch5 (make sure you have read the chapter!) and 4 written questions (stoichiometry, calorimetry, Hess’ Law, enthalpies of formation —ways to find enthalpy)
  4. I will be able to write the quantum electron configurations. —read the history parts to give you background on how the quantum model came about.
  5. Do:  Worksheet “Electron Configurations” for class after test.
  6. Reminder:  any assessments for Term 2 due by Feb.27 for it to count towards your term 2 mark.