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Limiting Reactants Re-explained

  1.  I will be able to determine the limiting reactant, reactant in excess, and percent yield.
  2. Sample question (see classmates for notes)
  3. Finish Lab 4B and hand in.
  4. Finish ch3 review worksheet for next class so we can go over any questions you have.
  5. Reminder:  TNT Club available for extra tutoring support Mon-Thurs after school until 4pm.
  6. Answers to ch3 review worksheet here: Ch3 Review Worksheet Answers   Check your work and do your corrections!

Finish Lab 4B and More Mole Ratios!

  1.  Finish collecting data for Lab 4B.
  2. Questions:  1.  How many grams and moles of Fe was used?  2.  How many grams and moles of CuCl2 was used?  3.  How many grams and moles of Cu was formed?  4.  Determine which reactant is the limiting reactant,  Fe or CuCl2?  5.  What is the theoretical yield of Cu?  6.  What is the percent yield of Cu?  (Note:  Let’s use Fe(III))
  3. Possible Sources of Error – what could have caused the yield not to be 100%?
  4. Conclusion

5.  Go over “Mole Ratio” worksheet.  How can you apply what you have learned to Lab 4B?

6.  Continue with ch3 review worksheet.  You will have time on Friday to finish it and ask more questions.

Lab 4B (Day 1)

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Do:  Lab 4B Steps 1-11 (Day 1).  You will work in groups of 4 to try to be more efficient.  Label the beaker with the copper in it and wrap and label your 2 nails.  These will dry for next class.  You will finish your measurements and calculations next class.
  3. Do:  “Mole Ratios”  worksheet for Wed. class.
  4. Read section 3.6 to help you understand more about Mole Ratios.
  5. Do:  start chapter 3 worksheet.  Chapter 3 test scheduled for Tues. Dec. 17.

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

  1.  Any Q’s? / Warm Up!
  2. I will be able to calculate the percent composition of each element in a compound.
  3. I will be able to determine the empirical and molecular formula of a compound.  See notes from block 5 and the answers to the worksheet here:  Empirical and Molecular Formulas block 5 notes.
  4. Read section 3.5 and do #39, 45, 47 in your textbook.
  5. Do:  Prelab 4B.  See copy here:  Lab 4B  On Monday, we will do steps 1-11 and on Wed, we will finish the lab (step 12 and calculations).

Lab 16D

  1.  Prelab check!
  2. Do:  Lab 16D – do your results confirm your predictions?
  3. Do:  For each DIFFERENT precipitate, write a formula equation, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation.
  4. Next class:  bring your calculator!

Types of Reactions Quest

  1.  Hand in Lab 5C.  Staple the assessment sheet to the front of your lab.
  2. Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions Quest.
  3. Video:

4.  I will be able to identify redox reactions.

5. Read section 4.4 and try #39 and 41 in chapter 4.  (We will cover sections 4.1 to 4.3 next class)