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Sections 1-11 Review

  1. Fizz Quiz
  2. Do:  Review worksheets that cover sections 1-11.  See copy here with answer keys:  Self-Test 1 answer keypH Intro Basic MathpH Intro Basic Math answer key
  3. Mid-Unit Test on Tuesday will be all multiple choice (probably about 30Q’s) that cover sections 1-11.  Know definitions and characteristics of acids and bases; how to identify conjugate acid and base pairs; determine the strength of acids and bases; calculate the pH, pOH, hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations.

Definitions of Acids and Bases

  1.  Note:  retests for Ksp tests will be Thurs, Feb 15 after school.
  2. Do:  Lab 20A and discuss results – Which are acids and which are bases?  What is similar about the acids?  What is similar about the bases?
  3. I will be able to identify Arrhenius acids and bases.
  4. I will be able to identify Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases.  See class notes here:  Definitions of Acid and Base
  5. Do:  Read sections 3-5 and do #10-19

Intro to Unit IV

  1.  Go over test corrections.  If you want to write a retest on Goal Day, you need to have completed your test corrections, done extra practice, and see me!
  2. Intro to Unit IV – Acids and Bases
  3. Learning Log for Unit IV:  Unit IV Learning Log 2016
  4. Unit IV Study Guide – see notes here:  Hebden Study Guide Part 1
  5. Do:  Read sections IV.1 and IV.2 and do #1-9 in your workbook.
  6. Do:  prep data table for Lab 20A.  See sample table here:  Lab 20A Data Table

Ksp Test

  1.  Today, students wrote the Ksp test (Unit III Part 2).
  2. Goal Day is on Feb 7.  If you want to do a retest, please make sure you talk to me! (do your test corrections, extra practice, etc….)

One more review class!

  1.  Do:  Solubility worksheet – this is a really good review of the different types of questions you will find on your test next class.  See copy here:  Solubility Problems and Answer Key   Only look at the answer key AFTER you have tried the question!
  2. Ksp Test on Thurs Feb 1.  Here is an outline:   the test will cover all the sections after our last test, focusing on Ksp calculations.  You can expect to have at least one of each of the four types of problems we went over in the study guide, along with question about the common ion effect and titrations.  The test will be all written.  You will need a pencil and scientific calculator.
  3. If you have questions, work with the tutors in the TNT Club after school in Rm111 or 112 today (they’re great!) or with the SUCCESS tutors (Rm32).

Common Ion Effect and Chloride Ion Titrations

  1.  I will be able to predict how the equilibrium shifts and how solubility is affected when a common ion is added.
  2. See class notes here:  common ion effect
  3. Do: finish reading Unit III and do practice questions.
  4. Do:  test corrections for Unit III Part 1 test.  If you want to do a retest, it will be on Goal Day.  You need to do your corrections, do extra practice, and talk to me.
  5. Ksp Test will be on Thurs. Feb.1