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Review for Final Exam

  1.  Today, students worked on August 2000 provincial exam as practice for the final exam next week.
  2. Reminder:  Monday – free response section of the exam;  Wed/Fri – multiple choice section of the exam
  3. If you have assignments or retests to complete, you have until the end of next week to complete it.  If you have an “I” standing, the final exam will be your final chance to pass for the year.  If you do not pass the course but need the course credit, you can take summer school or take it online.

Unit V Test

  1.  Students wrote the Unit V test today.
  2. Next class you will have time to review for the final exam.  Please download/print out August 2000 so you can do the questions together in class.  If you are printing the exam, I suggest you print 4 pages per sheet and print it double sided, otherwise each exam is about 40 pages long!!!
  3. Monday, June 11 – written section of the final exam
  4. Wed/Fri, June 13/15 – multiple choice section of the final exam
  5. Tues, June 19 – check term 3/final marks.  Awards.  Celebration!
  6. Thurs. June 21- annual distribution, no formal classes but see your teacher if you need to complete any work.

Review of Unit V

  1.  Go over sample provincial exam questions on Electrochemistry.  We looked at January 1999 from #37 to the end.
  2. Review – do questions from the 2 practice worksheets you already have.  The answers to the first WS are at the end of the worksheet.  The answers to the second WS are here:  Practice Test Answers
  3. Test outline:  Major topics covered:  oxidation, reduction, oxidizing agent, reducing agent, strengths of oxidizing and reducing agent (which is stronger?), balancing redox reaction, electrochemical cells, electrolytic cells.  (We did not cover redox titrations, but they are answered the same as if an acid-base titration).   Format:  about 30? multiple choice and written section (expect at least a balancing, electrochemical cell, and electrolytic cell question for the written section!)

Redox Reactions Gone Bad!

  1.  Warm Up!  Review of Electrolytic Cells.
  2. I will be able to explain how corrosion occurs and how to prevent it.
  3. Read section 12 and do #60-63.
  4. Next class: review for the unit test.  Bring your 2 review worksheets to do in class and/or to ask questions.
  5. Tues: Unit V test
  6. Thur: review for final exam
  7. Mon: Final Exam part 1 (written section)
  8. Wed/Fri:  Final Exam part 2 (mc section)

Electrochemical Cells

  1.  Quiz on Balancing Redox Reactions.
  2. Hand in homework:  Electrochemistry #5 Worksheet
  3. I will be able to explain how an electrochemical cell works.
  4. Demo:  Electrochemical Cell (battery)
  5. Do:  Read sections 8-10 and do #35, 36, 41, and 47 as a minimum.  You can always do more practice questions!