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Quiz and Review

  1.  Quiz on reaction mechanisms.  Answer Key Worksheet 1.3 Reaction Mechanisms
  2. Study/review for the Unit I Test which will be next class (Wed. Oct. 25).  See copy of the review worksheet and answers here:  kinetics practice test 1 – answers
  3. Test Outline:  major topics:  measuring rate, factors that affect rate, collision theory, energy in reactions, reaction mechanisms.  The format will be:  about 30 mc questions,  free response section will focus on reactions mechanisms and energy in reactions.

Reaction Mechanisms

  1.  Hand in Mini Projects today or next class.
  2. Finish group lab report/journal of the Iodine Clock Reaction Challenge.
  3. Video:


4.  Read up to section 1.8 and do the questions for each section, checking your answers at the back of the book.  There are questions on p.16, 19, 23, and 25.

5.  Next class:  Quiz on Energy in Reactions

Iodine Clock Challenge

  1.  Go over the mc questions from last class.
  2. Iodine Clock Challenge – can you make the reaction change colour in exactly 25 seconds?  Document what your group did, why, and results you got.  You will hand in one group report.
  3. Mini projects due next week!

How Energy Affects the Rate of Reactions

  1.  Go over results from Mg and HCl activity.  Were your results what you expected?  Why?  If they weren’t what you expected, what do you think happened?
  2. Video:

3.  Any Q’s about the Mini project?  Due next week.  You can work individually or in pairs.  Perhaps choose 2 themes:  one that shows increases in rate and one that shows decreases in rate.  Be creative!

4.  Demo:  Iodine Clock Reaction –  we will do the challenge next class!

5.  I will be able to explain energy changes in reactions and how they affect the rate of reaction.  See block 6 notes here:  How the Energy of the Reaction Affects the Reaction Rate block 6

6.  Finish the 4 mc questions on your sheet.  Read sec. 14.5 and 14.6. (AP Chem)  Read section 1.5-1.8 for Chem12

Collision Theory

  1.  Fizz Quiz on Rate of Reactions (sample provincial questions–this is the level of difficulty of questions you can expect on your classroom assessments)
  2. Video:  Mg in HCl

3.  Activity:  Choose one factor you could change in the reaction and one factor you could measure.  Plan your activity in small groups of 2-3 people.

4.  I will be able to use collision theory to explain how/why the 5 factors change the rate of reaction.  Read sections 1.3-1.5.

5.  Intro to Mini Project.  See copy here:  Reaction Rates Mini Project

Test Analysis and Corrections

  1. We marked the Lab Safety Test
  2. We went over the Review of Chemistry 11 Test and students filled in a Test Analysis sheet to see which learning outcomes they are strong at and which learning outcomes they are weak at.
  3. Bring a folder to put your tests in and store in the classroom.
  4. Go over the Worksheet from last class.
  5. Read the beginning sections of Unit 1 and choose a few practice questions from each section to do.

Review of Chemistry 11 Test

  1.  Today, students wrote the review of chemistry 11 test.
  2. Bring a folder or duotang to store your tests, labs, etc…which will be kept here at school.  This way, you can access your work and organize it more easily.
  3. Bring your Chemistry 12 workbook starting next week as we will officially start the Chemistry 12 curriculum!!