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Finish Rainbow Lab

  1.  Finish collecting data for the Rainbow Lab.
  2. Each person is responsible for writing up ONE of the colors you made.  You should include:  Purpose, Material used, Procedure, Observations, and Discussion (write a balanced equation, what did you add? what is the stress ion? what is the response?  use collision theory and reaction rates, which way will it shift? what color is seen?)
  3. Lab write up due next class.
  4. Fri – review for test
  5. Tuesday – Le Chatelier’s Principle Test on sections II.1 to II.5

Rainbow Lab

  1.  In your groups, do the Rainbow Lab which shows Le Chatelier’s Principle.  Keep track of what you did (your procedure), what you saw (observations) and compare to your predictions.  Were your predictions correct?  You can take photos or video to help keep track of your lab results.
  2. You will have time next class to finish the lab and to do the lab write up.
  3. Friday:  review for the test
  4. Tuesday, Nov 19 – Le Chatelier’s Principle Test
  5. For extra practice on Le Chatelier’s Principle, you can try this worksheet: Worksheet-2-2-Le-Chateliers-Principle   and check your answers here:  worksheet 2-2 Le Chatelier’s Principle key.  This worksheet and answer key was made by another teacher.  If you think there are errors, please let me know!

Prelab Rainbow Lab

  1.  Go over WS multiple choice answers.  Any Q’s?
  2. Demo:  H+   +   P-   <—->   HP where P- is pink and HP is colorless.  You have HCl, NaOH, and NaCl.  What would happen if you added each to the equilibrium?
  3. Do:  Prelab for the Rainbow Lab.  Using the prelab handout, predict what would happen when you add each of the solutions.  Decide as a group which reactions you will do in order to make the 7 colors of the rainbow.
  4. If time, hand back Unit 1 tests and the test analysis and corrections.

Happy Halloween!

  1.  A bit of Halloween fun…..dancing ghosts???  Rainbow equilibrium?
  2. Review of Le Chatelier’s Principle.  See copy of review here:  lechatelier_s principle worksheet DRB
  3. Do: Read the Rainbow Lab handout.  Unfortunately, the photocopy is missing a page!  See the full lab here:  Rainbow Lab (Inquiry) You will do a prelab for it next week.
  4. test corrections and analysis of Unit 1 (Kinetics) test (block 2.  Block 1 will get theirs back after everyone has completed the test).  Store it in your red duotang folder and if you want/need more time to look it over, you can.

Le Chatelier’s Principle – Day 1

  1.  Quick review of enthalpy and entropy and predicting reactions.
  2. I will be able to explain equilibrium shifts.
  3. Demo:  2NO2(brown color) <—-> N2O4 (colorless) in hot water (turns dark brown) and cold water (turns light brown).  Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?
  4. Read section 2.4 and do as many of the questions on p.54-55 as you can over the next week. (ie. do every third questions, then come back and do another third, then finish the last third)