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Summer Assignment 2018

  1.  If you are taking AP Chemistry 12 next year,  you will keep the textbook “Chemistry the Central Science” by Brown and LeMay and the solutions book to the exercise in the textbook.  If you don’t have a copy of the textbook, you can try to find it online or in a public library.
  2. Your summer assignment will consist of four main things: a) chapter 25 (or ch26, depending on the edition of your textbook) on organic chemistry, b) ch13 on solutions and colligative properties, c) photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) and d) review of previous chapters.  See instructions here:

Chem 11H Summer Assignment 2018.

Check back during the summer to see if anything else has been added.

3.  Resources:

ch13 Properties of Solutions Learning Outcomes

4.  Chapter worksheets and answer keys – no peeking at the answers until you have tried all the questions!!

(ch25 WS – oops posted the wrong one!  For practice instead, you can do questions from the end of the chapter.  Depending on which edition of the textbook you are using, the organic chemistry chapter may be chapter 25 or 26 (I think it is ch26 in the 6th edition and ch25 in the 9th edition).  The focus is on writing and naming organic compounds (alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, cyclic compounds, aromatics, and the functional groups)

That said, here is the worksheet for the organic chemistry chapter:  ch26 Organic Chemistry Worksheet

ch13 review worksheet and answer key

5.  Photoelectron Spectroscopy Resources and Practice:

a.  from Khan Academy:

b.  a good powerpoint: PES powerpoint

c.  Video:

some practice:

PES practice worksheet and PES practice worksheet answer key

6.  Review of Chapters 1-11:

Sectional Test 1 and key

Sectional Test 2 and key

Sectional Test 3 and key


7.  Supporting Videos:

A tutorial on colligative properties:



Multiple Choice practice tests

  1.  See the college board website released multiple choice sections:

They have released 1999 and 1994 as sample tests.  These are no longer the format for the test (since about 2013).  There are currently more question clusters and diagrams to interpret in the multiple choice section.

2.  2012 practice exam:

3.  a modified 2014 exam:

4.  a modified 2015 exam:


Chem11H Summer Assignment

1. Instructions:  Chem 11H Summer Assignment 2016
2. If you want to access an online version of our textbook (it’s not the same edition, but close enough!), see:

If you are typing the site address instead of clicking on the link, make sure you capitalize the A, the P and the C in “APChem”! Otherwise, it won’t work and you’ll get a 404 error. The username and password are given for the 10th Edition of Brown and LeMay’s Chemistry the Central Science.

3. Chapter 13 documents:
chapter 13 – Colligative Properties

ch13 Properties of Solutions Learning Outcomes

ch13 and ch21 answers to textbook questions

ch13 and ch21 review worksheet questions (you only need to do the questions for ch13, not ch21 as ch21 is not part of the new AP curriculum)

Cornell Notes template

4. Photoelectron Spectroscopy documents:

5. Review of Chem11H:
Chem11H Sectional Tests 1-3 for ch1-13

Some Good Websites

Chemistry the Central Science textbook (ebook):


AP Chemistry Course home page (College Board):

exam information from the College Board:

previous College Board AP exams:

exam tips:

Lab cookies:  Lab cookies

Exam tips – What to Avoid:  Exam Tips – what to avoid

For more practice exams:



Review activites: