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Ch16 Test Part 2

  1.  Today, students wrote the Ch16 Test Part 2 on Ka, Kb, and Salt Hydrolysis.
  2. Hand in ch16 notes and review worksheet (marked and corrected)
  3. Finish the prelab for Lab 20G Parts 1-4 only
  4. If there is time, you can start Part 1 and make the primary standard solution of oxalic acid.

Le Chatelier’s Principle Day 2

  1.  I will be able to use Le Chatelier’s Principle to explain how a system at equilibrium responds to a stress.
  2. Read section II.4
  3. Do:  In-Class assignment    #1 and 2 on a separate sheet of paper.  Explain using collision theory how the number of collisions or energy of the reaction changes,   how the rate is affected, how the equilibrium shifts in response to the change, and draw a graph to show how the concentrations change over time.  See handout (we are doing Equilibrium #2 worksheet) here:  Equilibrium Worksheets