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Unit Conversions

  1.  Lab Safety Test
  2. Go over sig figs worksheet – any Q’s?  See answer key here:  Sig Figs Worksheet with Answers
  3. I will be able to measure and calculate the density of water (applying what I have learned about precision and sig figs).  We will share results of the class next period. (Block 7 will do this next class–in the meantime, start memorizing the metric prefixes!)
  4. Begin reading chapter 1 and taking notes.  These will be study notes for yourself, and useful next year when you want to review for the AP Exam and can study from your notes rather than re-reading the textbook!

WHMIS Symbols and more Sig Figs!

  1.  I will be able to identify the 9 WHMIS symbols.  See handouts here:
  2. Go over the worksheets “Significant Figures” and “Significant Zeros”, paying attention to the “Key” points.
  3. Practice worksheet (back side of the worksheet “Reading Instruments with Sig Figs”
  4. Note:  the 9th edition textbook has online homework and practice quizzes.  See link here:

use the “jump to” box at the top to choose the chapter

  1. Watch lab safety videos:

Locating Safety Equipment in Our Classroom

  1.  I will be able to know how to evacuate the building safety and know where to meet my teacher so he/she can record that I evacuated safely.
  2. Go over section 2.1 worksheet on HHPS and WHMIS symbols.  Keep this worksheet until next class so you can study from it.  You will hand in the worksheet next class.
  3. I will be able to locate lab safety equipment in our classroom.  Draw an outline of our classroom.  Label the lab safety equipment on your diagram.
  4. Lab Safety Test next class (Wed Sept 18 for blocks 3 and 4;  Tues. Sept 24 for block 8).  Test outline:  10 True/False questions, diagram in which you label the location of lab safety equipment; matching WHMIS symbols to their descriptions; 5 scenarios in which you identify what the students are doing that is UNsafe and what they are doing that IS safe.
  5. Video on Lab Safety:


Lab Safety, Final Review of Chem11

  1.  Fizz Quiz – Stoichiometry
  2. I will be able to locate safety equipment around the classroom
  3. I will be able to identify WHMIS symbols and recognize the potential hazards.
  4. Do:  Lab Safety Worksheet
  5. Do:  Review of Chem11 worksheet questions
  6. Next class (Wed Sept 18) – Review of Chem11 Test:  there will be about 30 multiple choice questions (bring a pencil and scientific calculator) and 1-2 written questions (will focus on moles and stoichiometry)

Significant Figures

  1.  Video:  Accuracy and Precision

2.  Go over worksheet “Reading Instruments with Sig Figs”.  See answer key here:  Reading Instruments with Sig Figs Worksheet with Answers

3.  I will be able to identify the number of significant figures in a measurement and how to round calculations to the correct number of significant figures.  See notes from block 5 here:  Significant Figures

4.  Do:  POGILS on Significant Figures and Significant Zeros.   See copies here:  5 Significant Digits and Measurement-S and 6 Significant Zeros-S

5. Textbook correlation:  Chapter 1 sections 5, Q#35-40

Some other good videos:

Identifying Lab Equipment

  1.  I will be able to identify common lab equipment.
  2. Do:  Cut out the names of different lab equipment.  At a lab station, match the name with the equipment.
  3. Do:  Finish the section 2.1 worksheets from last class using the BC Science 8 Connections textbook.
  4. Note:  Lab Safety Assessment on Wed. Sept.18 (blocks 3 and 4) and on Tues. Sept 24 (block 8)

Reminder:  Tuesday, Sept 17 – Gr8 Retreat to Mt. Seymour

Reminder:  Thurs. Sept 19 – Parent Walkabout (Meet the Teacher) – invite your parents to attend if they would like to meet your teachers, see your classrooms, meet your counselor and school administrators.

Locating Lab Safety Equipment; Precision and Accuracy

  1.  Fizz Quiz on BEDMAS and Scientific Notation.
  2. Getting to Know You Scavenger Hunt
  3. I will be able to locate lab safety equipment around the classroom.  See copy here:  Safety Equipment in My Classroom
  4. I will be able to explain the difference between accuracy and precision.  Demo:  Katniss vs. Gale
  5. Do:  Worksheet “Reading Instruments with Sig Figs” front side with pictures of different measuring tools.  See copy here:

Lab Safety Continued

  1.  Go over “What’s Wrong with the Picture?” activity and hand it in.
  2. I will be able to identify WHMIS symbols and common household safety symbols.
  3. Using the BC Science Connections textbook, read section 2.1 and answer the questions on the worksheet.  See copy here: