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Ch13 Test

  1.  Hand in ch13 notes and practice (i.e. review WS that is marked and corrected; PES practice)
  2. Today, students wrote the Ch13 Test
  3. Next week, we will start chapter 14 on Reaction Kinetics (speed of reactions).  Make sure you have completed your Safety WS (and hand it in!) so you can participate in the lab activities.

Lab Safety Test

  1.  Lab Safety Test
  2. Intro to Unit III (chapters 7 to 9) – we drew the “tree of chemistry”
  3. Block 5 – Begin reading chapter 7 if you have time.
  4. Block 6 – Continue with the column notes for section 7.1 .  You will have some class time next week to finish the notes.

Intro to Precision and Accuracy

  1. The Workbooks are here!  Come pick them up.
  2. Go over Unit D #1 answers.
  3. I will be able to use the conversion factor method to convert metric units.
  4. Do:  Hebden Workbook p.21 #17 (the other questions we did not cover in class)
  5. I will be able to explain the difference between accuracy and precision.
  6. Do:  the Worksheet “Significant Digits and Measurements” (the one with the rulers)

Ch13 Review and PES Review

  1.  Any Q’s about ch13 and PES?   Focus on the theory.  The calculations will focus on ways to measure concentration of solutions, NOT calculations involving colligative properties.
  2. Ch13 Test Outline:  about 25 mc questions and about 3 written questions.  The calculations will focus on measuring the concentration of a solution (i.e. molarity, molality, mole fractions, mass percent, ppm, ppb….)  The colligative properties will focus on the theory, not the calculations.

Lab Safety Test

  1.  Student wrote a test on Lab Safety.
  2. We went over the answers to #4-6 on Scientific Notation from the Review of Junior Math handout.
  3. Do:  Unit D in the Review of Junior Math booklet #1.  Use the conversion factor method when answering the questions!

Identifying Lab Equipment

  1.  We marked the Pictograms matching worksheet.
  2. Go over the What’s Wrong? and Locating Safety Equipment assignment.  You would have received an assessment of FM, M, MM, or I.  If you did not receive an FM (Fully Meets Expectations), you can do your correcting and resubmit your assignment.
  3. Lab Safety Test on Thurs. Sept 20.  The test outline is:  about 10 True/False questions, about 5 safety items to locate on a map of our classroom, matching WHMIS symbols with their description, and 5 scenarios where you need to identify one thing that IS safe that students are doing and one thing that IS NOT safe that the students are doing.
  4. Tuesday, Sept 18 – grade 8 students will be on the Gr8 Retreat at Mt. Seymour.
  5. Also on Thurs. Sept 20 – Class photos (during the day) and Parent Walkabout (6pm)

Organic Chemistry Qu-est

  1.  Hand in Organic Chemistry chapter notes and practice questions you did (they should be marked and corrected.  I want to see what you learned, not just what you answered correctly!)
  2. Students wrote the Qu-est on organic chemistry nomenclature.

Finish Lab Safety and Intro to Unit 2

  1.  Last day to order workbooks is Friday!
  2. I will be able to locate lab safety equipment in our classroom.
  3. Video:

4.  I will be able to convert metric units using the conversion factor method.  You can start answering questions from Part D #1.  Make sure you use the conversion factor method!!!

More Organic Review and Lab Safety

  1.  Warm UP!
  2. Reminder:  Organic Chemistry Qu-est on Friday.  Outline:  10 naming, 10 drawing – the focus is on nomenclature
  3. Quick review of WHMIS 2015 and Lab Safety
  4. Do:  Lab Safety worksheet and hand in to me!
  5. Any Q’s from ch13 or PES?
  6. Reminder:  Ch13 and PES test on Thurs. Sept 20